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2024 3rd round pick, plus another pick in 2025

Very curious to see the amount of money. Also very curious to see which pick it is in 2025.


Could likely be a 4th me thinks

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I am surprised at the compensation. I expected a higher pick

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I just want to say, considering this took some days, and there were reports multiple teams were in on Sneed

Im guessing Chiefs wanted a 2nd initially, and many teams balked at that, some went into other directions (Including us)

seems like the chiefs lowered thier price afterwards when they realized no one was biting is my assumption

Also it isn’t finalized yet, but its happening quickly here atleast

And for the Lions, maybe the 1st due to how low we’re drafting.

yeah maybe

really hard to say, cause i think we would have easily payed the Minny 3rd for Sneed (Its a higher pick than the colts)

again, makes me really think they wanted our second at minimum.

Call me skeptical on this source

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I had proposed our 3rd (the one we gave for CD3 this week) #92 and a 2025 pick that can be as high as a 2nd

Colts have pick #82

Will be interesting to see the details. Seems fair for both teams

This is VERY interesting if true.

Sneed turned 27 in January. Carlton Davis turned 27 in December 2023. Sneed was drafted in the 4th rd. in 2020 while Davis was drafted in the 2nd in 2018.

So they are the same age roughly yet Davis has two more years in the NFL. Davis has a year left on his deal while Sneed requires a new deal.

It is clear Brad wanted and NEEDED a CB. Yet he traded for Davis giving up a later 3rd. This means that Brad never inquired about Sneed (unlikely), the Chiefs were patient and wanted more (and didn’t get it)…driving Brad to trade for Davis OR…Brad weighed Sneed AND a Davis trade and choose Davis.

Now, many believe we now have to extend Davis now and that may be true. But the Eagles traded for Swift in 2023 and now he plays for the Bears.

I believe Brad/Campbell/Glenn knew they needed a man CB and instead of buying high from the Chiefs they found a different option they liked more. I think the Lions targeted Davis and made it happen versus buying high from the Chiefs.


Diffrence between the Swift trade and Davis trade.

Swift was owed $2m

Davis is owed $14.

The extension would be to cut the cap hit this year


Good post as usual @MyLions

Keep in mind, just like when the Bears traded a 2nd for Sweat.

That means we need to trade a 1st.

Because in order to actually have our deal accepted, it would have to beat the other deal.

So if Colts gave a 3rd this year and 3rd next years.

Best case we woulda had to give our 3rd and a better pick next year or more picks this year.

CD3 contract, easy thing would be just to add a year to his deal and spread this 14mil base salary out with an extra year + void year.

We would have him for his age 27,28 seasons. Draft a CB ready to take over for him then


Facebook Lions fans will be pissed at the news that Sneed could be had for a 3rd and some more compared to Davis

The Chiefs just lowered their price after teams pivoted to other options.


ESPN’s Colt beat reporter is saying it doesn’t happen.

I dunno.

I trust ESPN over something called “A to Z Sports”. Call me crazy.

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I wonder how much weight is given to which team wants him. If I’m the Colts I would probably rather trade him to Indy, who is probably not going to compete for the Super Bowl, rather than Detroit. The Lions are an NFC team, but I would think that KC does not want to help the Lions get better in the short term.

If it’s a non conference opponent, I doubt it’s even a consideration. They’d be mostly concerned with division and other AFC competition before a former cornerback in Detroit.

FWIW I think Brad’s done in FA until camp cuts.


Since he has shown the use of void years, i think he still adds an IOL and wr, possibly even just bringing one of reynolds, dpj, chark back.

He could also be signing that corner we had in yesterday if wverything falls right.

The way i see it is he is 100% going thrift shopping, if there is a deal he is taking it, but i doubt he actively atttacks the trade market or anything of real magnitude. Probably shifts to getting extensions for goff, sun god, and maybe even davis

I am inclined to believe this trade will not happen.

I think the Chiefs want to keep Sneed but if they can get a solid return they will trade him. A 3rd just doesn’t feel like enough.

The Lions found an option that cost less that the Lions likely like just as much and who will likely cost less with an extension.

It seems rn that Holder is the only beat reporter disagreeing for the colts

rest said the trade is nearly done or near completion rn

and Destin is doubling down so it seems we got some conflicting info going on rn