Wan’Dale Robinson comes in at 5’8 with 27 5/8 inch arms, yeesh. That’s a really small dude.

Pickett with 8.5 inch hands.

Did they measure his unit too!?

No homo, of course… :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

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Yes. Surprisingly, got the same result.


Evan Neal comes in at 337 which is great for him.

Impressive young fella! lol

Pickett giving a high five at the combine


Calvin Austin, who everyone thinks is tiny, is the same height and has longer arms and bigger hands. Both weigh in the 170s as well. I don’t think Wan’Dale is anything more than a gadget guy.

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I could see Austin on the Lions with Goff’s accuracy and need to see separation.

Oh yeah I like him as like an Isiaih McKenzie explosive gadget-y guy for sure, but some were comping Wan’Dale to Deebo, which we now know is really off.

It’s just about time for me to say thanks again, Thats2. You’re a goldmine.

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Workouts for the QBs, WRs and TEs begin today at 4 eastern on NFL Network if anyone’s interested.

And that was after trying to stretch them…

Blow A Kiss GIF by Carrie Lane

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Skyy Moore meanwhile had the largest hands of any receiver (10.25) despite being only 5’10.

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I cannot believe how quickly Thursday snuck up on me.

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Evan Neal did not look anywhere near 337. Crazy. The guy must be all muscle.

well you know what having small hands means, right?

small gloves


Willis got a 32 on the Wonderlic

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A couple of these TEs may hit but man it’s just gonna be a guess as to which ones.

Something like that was pretty much expected, wasn’t it? I was always under the impression he is a smart guy.