Cominsky, Analzone, and Buggs


We shall see…think Holmes is playing moneyball still… but Sheila might give him the green light. Free agency moves will be very telling with how they think we can do in year 3.

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I want all three of them back. Alex was really quite good down the stretch.


A little less than what?


…or very telling in their team-building strategy.
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Where’s that “Its a bingo” gif?

Seriously, I love this stuff. Throwing poop out there, like a smoke screen. Enticing some pissy little wannebes to make a foolish move…then POUNCE !

Too soon ?

Here is my problem with Cominsky and Buggs, i love both of their personalities and fight.

That said, this defense got gashed up the middle and outside as well. Hutch, Houston, Romeo and hopefully Pascal are all capable outside → inside players and will get better with experience.

It seems like we need a game changer DT more than another DE (unless we trade/cut Romeo). If DT is what we need, that means that Cominsky and Buggs are really only depth players and shouldn’t be our starters.


Yes…but is one available?


Cominsky seems the most flexible and would be my priority. He’s active and can play inside or out. That makes him an awesome depth player. Buggs is only inside and inconsistent from what I can tell.

And if you meant in the draft, hard to say. The top 2 DEs may be gone by 6. There are a LOT of good DTs in this draft so waiting until 2nd round may be ok.


Cominsky and Buggs are role players not depth guys. They are important peace’s that make certain packages work. They are also two of our better run stuffers. Without them our run defense is considerably worse.

You are correct that we do need a quality starting level DT.


The Lions were 9-3 when Cominsky played.


Yeah he did get a little better after 1080 snaps. I didn’t see enough improvement to keep him. The Lions would have been better off allowing the younger players Rodrigo and Barnes get more snaps/ experience. Anzalone out snapped Barnes by more than 700 snaps. That is a lot of experience loss he will never get back, the same is true for last year 1100 snaps over the two years combine.I don’t understand why you draft a guy and then limit his snaps.

The drop off for the defense was telling when cominsky was out. I’d definitely bring him back. Bugs also really stepped up his game the last quarter of the season. I’d bring both back. They are solid players and won’t break the bank.


I think I was Barnes’ single biggest fan on here redraft. Anzalone though was quite good down the stretch IMO. He’s one of the team leaders. He’s indicated being open to a discount.


I think I was Fox’s biggest fan on here pre draft, post draft, & all times in-between.


This would be huge if true. How reputable do we think this is?

I think Air nailed it. They are great role players for certain packages but we need a game changer up front still


Because he has to earn them maybe :thinking:


You mean like Anzalone earned them, he was the worse tackler last year and this year was not much better.

Barnes had two very good games 1 last year against the Bengals,( 9 tackles and a red zone break up), and 1 this year against the Packers,( 12 tackle and a sack), neither game earned him more snaps. In fact his snap count diminished both times, from 32 to 20 following the Bengals game and from 50 to 36 following the Greenbay game.

So your theory about earning snaps don’t pan out with the Lion’s coaching staff, your last name has to be Anzalone to earn snaps.

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I been preaching this since DC was hired…

Men want to play here… period. And those with the right mentality of team first will stay for happiness over bank!

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