Compare 2023 roster to right now 2024

We don’t know the final roster to start but right now most positions are filled an not with street agents.
If my count is right 18 players are not part of Detroit Lions that were listed on starting 53 last September.
We have added 11 new players I didn’t count kicker change or added WR during season . We don’t have many openings. Maybe a safety ,a LB a edge a WR . We could change out couple we have also to get even better by end of camp an late cuts.


Instead of 1 project in Martin making the 53 we now have project number 2 in Manu making the 53! 2 guys that are years away.

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You have no idea how Martin is zero. These guys change in one year that if you were a coach on a players last year in school wouldn’t know them . Before you whine more know what your talking about.


That’s a good thing.


LOL. Smartest poster in the room complex on display once again.

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We are literally using the draft now as a farm system… bring them in and develop them is first priority …. Not playing asap


Exactly the good teams use the first 2 rounds for starters and rotational players
The rest of the draft is for development!

As for the cut downs. To 53. Looking at the roster now. Not having a horrible time with getting to 53. Especially if that means someone leapfrogs that player. Just means we got better.

I got 13 players that were not a part of the week 1 roster last year.
15 if you count Moseley and Zylstra because they were on IR all year


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There were 5 players on the roster that had no chance of providing anything last year Harris , bro mart , Gilmore , cb harris , Viti, green and three That should have never played ( except on special teams) vildor, Jacob’s, this year we hope to have developed ,green, bro, mart and gilmore ,
And three more roster spots with Harris , Harris ,
Viti .available,I’m looking at a much deeper roster this year with big changes on the defence

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I think the overall team is better with the secondary being significantly better.

I suspect WR will be close to even but until we see for sure I’d say it’s a slight decline.

OL should be better with better protection against injury.

DL should be better but we need to see it come to fruition. This is my biggest concern still is the pass rush. We need a healthy Davenport and growth from Paschal and Houston.

Overall, I think this roster is better but hard to quantify how much.

We should see jumps from Gibbs, Branch, Laporta and Campbell for sure.

Now if a rookie comes in and plays it’s because he is performing where over the last few years we NEEDED some rookies to start.

Im interested in seeing who makes the roster/ where they fit.

Last year they carried 11 DBs. (CB, Nb, S,)

So whose the top 11 this year?

1 Davis,
2 Arnold,
3 Robertson,
4 Branch,
5 Rakestraw,
6 Iffy,
7 Kerby,
8 Moseley

So 3 spots left
1 Dorsey
2 Gilmore,
3 Vaki?? (Maybe RB both??)
4 Vildor,
5 James
6 Brandon.
7 Norris
8 Garnes
9 Strickland

I think Vaki is on the roster, at what position spot remains to be seen.


Exactly and typically the
11th DB and 6th LB are purely Special teamers. (Last year Gilmore, Pittman)

So it really doesnt matter what you label them as for that. Hence why i put Vaki as Db11 for now. Because sure they may put him at RB. But hell simply be RB4. And probably RARELY (>10 snaps all season) see the offense side. Unless he EXPLODES or serious injuries to the top 3. (Gibbs, Monty, and who ever at 3 [Knight, Jefferson, Reynolds, Funk])

This is the position break down when we reached 53 last September . Now during season injuries releases the break down changed but this gives you idea how may work this season.
Quarterback (2) Reserve/NFI list: Hendon Hooker
Running back (3)
Wide receiver (5) Suspended list: Jameson Williams
Tight end (3)
Offensive line (8)
Interior defensive line (5)
Edge (7)
Linebacker (6)
Cornerback (7)
Safety (4)
Special teams (3)

When you trade up into the 4th round…historically has a rookie 4th rounder who was traded up for ever not made the roster? I think he’s a lock

Here is how I see it:

QB- Same
RB- Same
WR- Lost Josh Reynolds. DPJ re-signed. Feels the same to me.
TE- Same
OL- Same, maybe better.

DL- Lost Benito, added Reader. Lost Okwara. Added Davenport. Feels better with Reader. Rookie DT might help. Martin year two should be better. Levi healthy.
LBer- Same
CB- lost Sutton and Jacobs. Added Davis, Amik and our two rookies. Feels better.
Safety- Lost Walker and Ceedy Deuce. Iffy arrived. Feels the same.

No where worse. Worst position better. DL likely better.

The 2023 roster is better. It went on first and cleaned the hair. No, the 2024 roster is better. It leaves the hair silky and smooth.

As if today vaki, dorsey ans vildor…the first two especially bring strong ST play.

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