Comparing chase young to Hutchinson and tibido

Anything to compare ? Young was no doubt a sure # 1 overall pick . Is Hutchison and tibido anywhere close to chase ?

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Thibodeaux is a more direct comp. They’re both leaner and have great speed off the edge. Better working speed rush moves than Hutchinson.

Hutch is more like the Bosa’s with the technique he uses and the way he uses power and speed at the same time to get to the QB.


To me Hutchinson plays like his last name is Watt.


Hope so. If that’s the case I really want us to get him

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I really can’t unsee that now. I think he compares well to Watt. I don’t think he will be as dominant as Watt at his peak.

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Watching Hutchinson play, it’s difficult not to hark back to former Chiefs and Vikings defensive end Jared Allen. Allen was 6-6, 265 and had several ways to win: He could beat you to the edge, beat you with power or beat you with his hands. Very much like Hutchinson, Allen made a living collapsing pockets and never being taken out of plays as a pass-rusher.

For Thibodeaux, his get-off presents so many problems for opposing offensive tackles that it’s easily the most distinct aspect of his game. Most NFL players with comparable first steps, however, don’t have the kind of frame and size as Thibodeaux. And that’s why the best comp for what Thibodeaux brings to the table is former Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora.

Umenyiora came out of Troy weighing 279 pounds and still ran in the 4.6s in the 40-yard dash before trimming down to play around 260. At that size, his ability to get upfield was as good as it got in the NFL. Thibodeaux could easily be a similar kind of sack artist in the league."


There’s this tidbit:

Hutchinson’s numbers are historically impressive. He is one of just five Big Ten defenders to attain a pressure rate above 20% since 2018. His 21.8% rate is higher than former first overall pick Chase Young’s 20.8% in 2018.

Jared Allen is a great comparison.


I see a slightly more athletic version of Joey Bosa. Neither are super quick twitch bendy guys who get around the corner looking like Gumby. Both deploy ninja like hand usage and crafty moves to set up opponents, and have non-stop motors to defeat opposing olinemen. They also have the size to set the edge and put guys in the QB’s lap with speed to power.

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Please, dear Jesus?

All the more reason to me why you take a guy like Hutchinson. Chase young is more hype than production. Just like clowney was. Watching the lions play against both the bosas they impacted the game way more than chase young did. He flashes and makes great plays every now and then but he also disappears.

This is why I don’t want Hutchison . He is compared to watts and bossas. But bossas and watts are not durables , always leave with niggles. Only one more reliable is t j watt , he stays healthy and is really good