Confidence in leads

Can’t even have faith in an 18 point lead in the 4th.

What the f-?

I’m confident that this team can and will pull off the unthinkable in a negative way every single time. I’m confident that if I watch anymore it’ll be with no excitement or emotion. It’s going to take a lot of wins before im back on board with this team. Yesterday drained the last bit of positive I had left in me.

I don’t think they should - ever. How many teams had confidence in their leads to watch Stafford rip through their prevent defense in a matter of seconds. There are trends in the league, and I think this notion of prevent d will diminish some. Players are getting too athletic, and one missed tackle can cost you points. I’m thinking there will be a shift in this trend, and teams will actually play football until the end of the game, instead of playing to not lose.

I blame myself for this loss. At the end of the 3rd quarter, I sent a text to a buddy that the Lions looked good and I am buying Superbowl tickets.

I also said to my wife at halftime of the 2014 wild card playoffs against Dallas, “I’m gonna start looking at flights to Seattle”

I hate my mouth sometimes.

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One thing for certain. Kyler Murray’s stats got some serious padding in garbage time yesterday!