After our effort last night despite a sloppy game and watching competitors today are you feeling more confident about the possibility of this team doing something special. Or is that just Zebra sodomy coping on my part?

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More confident. Defense has completely turned it around and they look phenomenal. They look like they can beat anyone.

I have faith Ben Johnson will fix whatever in the world he’s doing at this point in time for the playoffs.

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Iffy as our second best defensive player (apologies Mr. branch) was not on my bingo card.

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Absolutely more confident

You know what I thought this team lacked compared to last year? Edge.

Thank you, Brad Allen.

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that cuts both ways….

My confidence is that Lions will always get the shaft from the refs…
and that makes it tough to win playoff games. 🫨


Hutch, Benito, Houston, Alim, Anzalone, Campbell, Branch, Iffy, Kerby, CJGJ, Sutton

That’s our best 11 when healthy. Does that mean CJGJ outside?

Maybe we’ll finally learn to step on throats

I have never been more confident the MFL won’t let the lions out of the first round. They can not afford to allow the victim to be seen at the scene of the crime again in the second round.


Other than that how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

You know you’ve been raped, now, you’re trying to decide if you enjoyed it?
Did you want it to happen?
If yes, it wasn’t rape and you’re a slut.

Zebras have always been attracted to me I guess. :man_shrugging:

So sky judge with impunity in last two minutes. Anything can be reviewed. Can we get that please?

More confident. We can win in Dallas if we have to go there again in three weeks. I was scared about going there and now I’m not.

It doesn’t make me more confident that we’ll win the wild card game necessarily, but if we do, I’m licking my lips about going back to Dallas.


Buggs has more production, a much higher rating, and half the snaps of Benito this year. Benito earned a 38 rating yesterday and not much better the previous game.




I don’t really care who starts, or what the sub packages are- but those are 16 guys who should get every snap if all are healthy.

Muuuuch more confidence than before. We brought the fight more than we have in a long time. We clearly out hit them, and that is important. Detroit wanted it more (than Dallas, not the officials).

Our guys will be more PISSED, determined and focused than we have ever seen them. This is exactly the scenario where Campbell is most needed and the GOAT.

HIs commitment level is infectious to the rest of our guys. I don’t feel sorry for whoever has to play us in the first round. Biblical onslaught.

Enjoy the next couple of weeks, Dallas…cuz in about 3 weeks, there will be a lion on your front porch.

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