Congrats To Matt Stafford for reaching 40,000 mark

also Stafford had the most yards against the Vikings over 380 passing yards and 4 TD’s in the game.

Stafford has been playing well this year. Well enough to have us in every game in the 4th quarter against elite teams. We desperately need our running game and run defense to step up. We are a team who could go on a run with the hard part of our schedule out of the way.

Let’s see what we are made of in the second half of the year.

The running game would have been better if we had kept either Zenner or Riddick.
I like like Ty and Mac. With KJ down, we need a committee.
Ty, you’re the starter. Next man up!

Stafford is about the only person you can’t blame the season on. Our bright spot.


Yet people are … I just lol @ those who do.

Our DL is really banged up. If they can get healthy than I like our chances to go on a late season run.

And he reached it faster than anyone else - fastest to the mark yet!