Consider what Roster could look like in 2022

We will have a lot of Cap room. We have about 12 players signed this year so far on one year deals.
Lets say 6 of them show they are worth new deals for 2 o3 years at a increase $ on deal.

Now we add without trade down are 6 picks from 2021 draft.
We extend Ragnow with new deal
We make offers to Walker, Crosby
So we keep them at keep 6 of the one year guys maybe more maybe less just picked the middle.
Thats 12 players draft plus keepers from one year To start the season at UFA time We will start with at least 6-8 starters that we didn’t have this season could be more or couple less . With a lot of Cap room to add plus another draft with about 11 picks with two rd ones.
We can differ who we would keep an let go the thing I look at is not who but how many the staff feel earned the new deal.
New deals can still involve performance extra money.
If the Cap doesn’t go up we will have 42 million plus any carry over an the cap they think goes up over 200 million so in the 20 million range We can be looking at 60 million cap room plus any carry over.