Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

1 p.m. Eastern. That is your start time for every Lions game this year. Every one (Well, 12:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving and TBD for Week 18, but who’s counting) will be at the exact same time, in at most, only 1 time zone difference. No jet lag. No change in game day schedule, only one short week.

Boo hoo. No prime time games. Boo hoo, no America’s game of the Week at 4 p.m. This team will have normality and consistency on their side, with no unique scheduling hurdles to jump, and barely having to travel past the Mississippi River.

But the BYE week sucks! It is so early in the season! Yes, week six is early. But think of it this way… any PUP guys should be ready to go, after only missing five actual games. Also, the Lions have another “half bye” after week 12 anyway, so it almost works in their favor. They won’t have to play 11 consecutive Sundays in a row, and the team they have to play on that one weird Thursday game is the team on the schedule they were almost guaranteed to lose to anyway.

So yes, the Lions are the only team in the NFL to not get a primetime spotlight game. So what? I will take consistency for the players and a relatively easy travel schedule (I bet no other team has to travel less this year) over that any day. Did I mention they don’t have to play the Cardinals this year?

And take heart. This schedule might be conducive to getting the Lions some primetime games this season after all… in December and January, when it really matters.


It works for me. My football day starts at 10am here in az. :sunglasses::+1:


I’d like to, we owned them last year! We are undefeated vs Murray at QB.


I always sort of feel like the Thanksgiving game IS a primetime game too.
I love the Turkeyday game. It’s gonna be a bigger advantage for us moving forward as Brad gets all of his guys, and the team gets more used to prepping in a short week, in conjunction with it always being a home game. Lions Thanksgiving game will start to become a biblical onslaught every year, once this thing gets established. People will know they are entering the temple of Doom when they come into that particular game (even worse than other home games).

Love it.


Maybe starting in 2023!? The Bills are going to demolish us.


I think it’s more likely than not too. Buffalo is on an entirely different level.


Lol I don’t think we will have to worry about national exposure this year.

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When I was living in South Carolina for a bit, it was beyond weird to have Monday Night Football starting at 9PM… never got used to that. A bloody mary at 1PM football starts just doesn’t hit the same as our 10AM kickoff either.

You could always switch it up to screwdrivers. You know, some orange juice. A little vodka. More of a breakfast thing. That used to be my ‘breakfast’ drink on those special occasions. Or if 10:00 is too late for breakfast, go with a mimosa.(never had one myself) If that’s too much of a girlie drink then hell, just drink beer. We’ve all been THERE before. The breakfast of champions. Well, it used to be. No idea what’s considered the breakfast of champions these days.


Beer is usually my football morning sustenance. If that’s not still in style, then call me Old Fashioned, which ironically is also a great drink to wind down football days.


I don’t mind the bye week where it is.

Look at our season in 3rds.

Game 1 - 5. Our toughest game is week 1 so we have plenty of time to prepare for it. Looking to start 3-2.

Game 6-11. Our toughest stretch but we have a bye before Dallas and Bills on Turkey day. Hopefully no worse than 3-3 here.

Game 12-17. After mini-bye post Turkey day we have our easiest stretch. At least 4-2 to finish the season and enter the playoffs on a winning streak.


When camping/deer hunting we even used beer to brush our teeth. Even deer hunting one needs to keep up up with hygiene whenever possible.


they’re my B team and they’re a blast to watch. I think playing a team with an offense like that is an excellent learning tool.


10am football was hard to get used to when I lived in LA

Walk out of the sports bar like:


Same! I always cheer for the Bills, especially when the Lions are eliminated from the playoffs most years in early November, lol

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Love the winning attitude too. SO good. I was watching the Manning brothers rendition of broadcasting → SO much better, BTW.
Peyton was like, “The best way to convert 3rd downs is to not even have 3rd down. Just get 10 yards in 2 downs.”
How my brain processed it…“Third down is for LOSERS!”

I love his attacking mindset.


LOL - Reminded me of Grumpy Old Men, when Burgess Mrideth’s son says, “Dad you gotta cut down on the bacon…That stuff’s not good for you.”
His response…
“Quiet, boy! Ya know what I had for breakfast? BACON! Know what I had for lunch? BACON SANDWICH! I’m 96 years old…”

Going from memory, but you get the idea. HILARIOUS


I loved it. Get out of the sports bar about 1:30 or so and head the golf course for a full 18.

I channel my anxious energy toward house cleaning after sleeping in as much as I can. LOL

I don’t mind no prime time I am not interested in talking heads talking anyway.

If we have a prime time they spend most of time telling us how good other team is.

I wish team could vote if they wanted prime time
In another year they will want Lions an they could say go screw your prime time BS

Its if we are not good enough now then while do we care in say 2023 or 2024 when we will be really wanted.

Maybe no prime is Comish way of punishing team for the fast draft pick. Don’t say this silly remember we have seen even more childish things from the Comish an his elves before

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