Containing Jahmyr Gibbs’ explosiveness is a point of focus for the 49ers

“And he’s phenomenal. He’s four-three on paper, he is four-three on tape. He plays to that speed.

Aveion Cason was a 4.3 guy, but ran like he was Theo Riddick.

McAfee had a beat writer for SF on and he said SF is not that good against the run.
Ranked high for yards allowed per game, but around 26th for efficiency.
Mostly because teams have to turn to passing and go away from the run from getting behind early.
I bet they are concerned by our Oline and our running backs, especially Gibbs.


I think they need to worry more about Montgomery. They don’t play “tough” football on the west coast. I expect to see Monty getting 20+ carries and 100 yards. Green Bay was able to move the ball on SF but couldn’t get it in the end zone (4 deep drives that ended in 6 points). Aaron Jones had 100+ against them and I feel our O-line is superior to theirs.

I hope we see some reverses to Jamo while they are overplaying the run.


Running up the middle SF is above average.

But running outside the tackles. SF is one of the worst in the NFL.

SF defense is weak on the edges. Gibbs going off tackle on runs and outside routes can be a feast.
Also think Jamo gets a couple deep outside shots early to soften the middle for ARSB and LaPorta.

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They used to do that for Barry.

Usually it worked. Kramer made Dallas pay that one time.

But unlike the 90s the QB isn’t hot ass

YES! Toss outside to Gibbs a few plays and then hit them with a Jamo reverse.

The 9ers are gonna be focusing on stopping the run and containing Amon Ra. We’ve gotta loosen them up with some 1st read plays to Jamo and Reynolds.

Most of these links express concern in containing Gibbs. Why doesn’t these stories mention “The Hammer”, Monty?

I read somewhere that the SF DBs are overly aggressive so we should plan to take deep shots on 3rd and long all game. They will shoot themselves in the foot with PI fouls to extend drives.

After the gashing Jones gave them last week, I expect them to flood help toward the issue, because we’re much, much better at running the plays GB succeeded with.

So I’d hit them with some shit they don’t expect at first. Don’t get away from the run game, but take advantage them over-committing outside with quick whams up the gut. Throw quick over the middle if their LBs are cheating (Ertz, don’t it?). Deep ins if it’s their safeties. Fake toss end arounds to ARSB. Let them know their adjustments aren’t gonna work.

Then hammer them outside with Gibbs.