Contenders and Pretenders

AFC contenders:

Baltimore: Best AFC team. Their defense has pieces at every level and guys that can get after the QB. If they don’t turn it over they will be very tough to beat. Lamar is a fraud in the playoffs until proven otherwise but the D is for real.

Cleveland: They have beaten more teams above .500 than any team in the NFL. Flacco is playing out of his mind and if they can get guys healthy they will be very tough to beat. Joe Flacco is a playoff stud until proven otherwise.

KC: They are the only team that I believe can flip the switch. Their defense is improved but yes WR is a major issue. Mahomes and KC are the champs until proven otherwise but they have major problems on offense.


Miami: Do not like their record against good teams. Do not have a power running game for playoffs. Do not trust Tua. Do not trust them to go into a cold environment and win.

Buffalo: Allen is the best QB in the game but they don’t have enough on defense. Stefon Diggs is also JAG at this point. He is no longer explosive. McDermott is not a good coach

Everyone else


San Fran: Best NFC team. Yes they got smashed by Baltimore but Lamar has only lost 1 game to an NFC team in his career. Purdy had a bad game, but they are still the best team in the NFC with the best coach.

Lions: Best roster except for San Fran. Getting healthy at the right time. Can bully teams offensively and in run game. Best 2 headed RB monster in the league. No pass rush could be a killer.

Pretenders: Dallas. Dak is playing at a very high level… but they can be exposed badly in the run game and I think the Lions can do that offensively against them and stop the run on defense. Excited for the match up this week. Dallas will get killed in playoffs vs SF.

Philly: They have major major problems. Yes they went through an insane gauntlet of games and got worn down. Maybe an easier schedule down the stretch will help them going into playoffs but I believe they have problems. Hurts is not throwing the ball well and they have Patricia the clown calling the defense. Eagles offense has gotten stale and I don’t think they have the coaching staff to adjust on either side of the ball.

Everyone else. Maybe Rams or Seattle can win a game/ pull off an upset in the first week but I don’t see it going further than that. NFC south is awful also.

Who does everyone like heading into the playoffs? These are my top 5 teams heading into playoffs.

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