Corey Davis anyone?

From the sound of it no one has taken control of the X WR spot this spring. It sounds like DPJ has not shown much. They have high hopes in Green but can they trust Green to be a legit options as the starting X WR.

This brings in Davis who retired in 2023 but has since said he wants to play again in 2024. Even if he had never live up to being a number 5 pick he has not been horrible. At 29 there is still juice there.


He is the oldes that he’s ever been.


They have DPJ, T smith and Green. One of those will be JUST fine.

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Everyone forgets about Kalif. We have other guys that can handle return duties.
Count the clutch plays he’s made and you’ll understand why he’s going into his 4th season as a Lion.
He just makes plays.
And, if everyone else fails, Mr. Dependable is still here, too. I’m not joking.
“All he does is make plays.” - Dan Campbell


Kalif is great but he is not an X-WR


Vet minimum…. sure thing.

Maybe some incentives… which he probably wouldn’t reach…

because ARSB, Jamo, LaPorta, and Gibbs are going to dominate targets…. and about 5 other guys can divvy up the rest.

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Haim and Feldman were enough Coreys for me


We hope…

WR is a issue imo especially if someone gets hurts


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Davis is at least 3 or 4 years younger than Marvin Jones who we signed last year around this time.

Hopefully DPJ and Green step up and make the WR conversation go away. I agree it’s probably one of our weakest position groups on paper.

Row The Freakin Boat!

He is a big dude. 6’3" 210, big wingspan, good body control.

We need a box out big fella in the Red Zone.


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Including Goff and Ben Johnson. Not our fault.


That’s because of Josh, and returns, but, they use him very effectively when he’s needed.

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I mean do we expect every player and position to be filled by an All Pro or Pro Bowl player??

We need games because we are eating our own here

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I am not sure why Davis is given a free pass while DPJ has to “step up.” DPJ has already done what Davis has done in this league. He is not inferior to him. Davis has declining production metrics heading into being 30 years old. That is pretty much a death sentence.


I fully expect Donovan Peoples Jones to make believers of all of us. I think Dan and Brad love this guy.

DPJ will make us all forget Josh Reynolds. BUT…Jameson Williams will make us all forget that we have guys past Amon Ra, LaPorta, Gibbs and Kalif (the forgotten man here)!


Kalif has been interesting in how consistently he has produced, outside of when he got banged up a bit. We have been able to count on him for a few touches per game. He’s given us a really high success rate and explosive plays on top of it. Which is a great combo to have. I made some decent money just betting on him to go OVER 1.5 catches each game.

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I think you’ve made a pretty good case for not signing him.
He hasn’t played since 2022 and he was “just a guy” his last two seasons.
I doubt if he is capable of producing more than DPJ or Green at this point.
Those players are still ascending and can be developed, and play special teams. They also have been in the system, have a relationship with Goff and know the culture.
I’d rather go with someone on the team now unless there is a player that is a walk-in starter at X and is clearly better.

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Right on Mr. Peabody. We are trained to think of returners as not viable WRs. And that is often true. But Kalif is a great returner AND a great #3/4 WR. He can and does get you those 1-3 catches/game that are HUGE catches. Kalif was a real find by Holmes. Thank you for letting him go TN!

In Detroit Kalif is likely the #5/6 target guy. I think Amon Ra, LaPorta and Jameson will be 1-3 in targets but Gibbs might in at #3 but is likely #4 in targets for Goff. THEN DPJ and Kalif will fight for targets. I think that is a great situation,