Could Bears pull this off?

His rushing yards/TD are counterbalanced by the amount of time he’s missed due to injury.

Goff and Fields have both been on their current teams for the same number of years.

Goff = 3 wins, 9 wins, 12 wins
Fields = 3 wins, 3 wins, 5 wins

In games Goff didn’t start = zero wins
In games Fields didn’t start = the Bears winning percentage was higher

I’m ok with the Bears getting Caleb. I think he’s JAG. Prepared to eat crow, but it’s how I feel.
I DON’T want them to get Larry Fitzgerald part 2. Harrison is special.

We should trade for fields and turn him into deebo. fields is ridiculously fast and shifty.

or maybe Taysom.

Honestly I do trust the Bears leadership leaving us with a wtf moment.

If it were me, I would trade the #1 for another haul and continue to build both lines. I can only hope they do not do that.

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Not to sidetrack the subject too much, but imo Penix will be a better NFL QB than Williams

Does the GM have 2 more years? Because, as stated, I wouldnt expect Caleb to come in and do much better than 6-10/7-9 given the division toughness and schedule loaded on top of rookie learning curve.

Fields and MHjr plus maybe some picks to drift back to 3 or whatever IMO makes them a 9 win team with upside in 25 for double digits.

Hearing all morning on 3 different Sirius/XM fantasy shiws how MHjr isnt even the #1 WR in this class and he is getting iverdrafted in mocks due to his name.


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Luckily, Shitcago still has that uncanny knack in developing young QBs.

and this is where New England laughs and blocks the 312 area code

Huh? I suppose Larry Fitzgerald wasn’t worth his slot cause he wasn’t fast enough.