Could Chase fall to the Lions? [No way]

No. If MIami is opening up a OT spot and cap space, then they know ( IMO) that Chase is Burrow Buddy Bound

  1. Lawrence

  2. Wilson

  3. Jones or Lance

  4. QB or trade or ?

  5. Chase

  6. Sewell

  7. ???

Only way I see it happening is if both Cinci and Miami trade down. Pitts goes 4 to Atlanta and the other 2 QB’s go 5 and 6. I think the odds of that happening are pretty close to 0 so I’ll say NO Chase is not available at 7.

It means Miami is taking Pitts. Don’t think of him as a TE. Think of him as a TE, WR, OT and it suddenly makes sense.

Nah. Makes way too much sense for Burrow to have him.

Now, Pitts absolutely could.

Except he’s not a WR or OT, and he’s probably not even a great blocker of a TE…

Dude will be a disappointment

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Will Pitts be this in 2021?

Or this?

Or this?

Or this?

Pitts will likely be a “disappointment” as a TE in year one because virtually all rookie TEs, even the highly drafted and eventually great ones, are. Only exception might be Gronk.

So he’s Joseph Fauria. Check, now it makes sense

If it goes Freebirds suggestions…the lions take a TE…

It cracks me up when analysts are talking about “take Pitts and he immediately upgrades your offense!” Yes, in 2022. And I don’t consider Gronk an exception. He had 9 more catches for 47 more yards than Breshard Perriman did as a rookie. And Perriman is considered a bust.

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The only scenario where Chase falls to the Lions is if Atlanta takes a QB, the Bengals take Sewell and the Dolphins take Pitts. Possible but highly improbable.

Gronk had 10 TD catches as a rookie, which is why I labeled him the possible exception to the nearly universal rule.

Fauria had 7 as a rookie.

TDs are just a matter of opportunity and situation for most guys. Ebron left here and had 13. The Gronk that we know and consider a great player at his position never had 2.6 receptions for 30 something yards per game again in his entire career. The reason why we remember Gronk as being a good one was because he doubled and tripled those numbers.

Jeremy Shockey

About the same amount of career TD catches as Eric Ebron!

Shockey’s rookie season was still pretty impressive, more so when you consider he had Kerry Collins as his QB. Kerry Collins sucks.

Shockey is one of the only exceptions in existence. Mike Ditka is another one. And what’s weird about both of them is they basically had career years as rookies. Shockey posted his career highs in catches and yards in his rookie year, and never touched it again. Ditka posted a career high in yards and TDs and never touched those numbers again.

Interesting sidenote: Dan Campbell was the “other” TE on that team, and had made his way into the starting spot at the time. The following year Dan left for Dallas. One thing Dan said not too long ago was “there’s only 1 breadwinner at TE and the other guys have to be able to do the dirty work and special teams to justify their roster spot.” I wonder if Dan doing the dirty work allowed Shockey to focus on the more glorious stuff.

May have to consider that QBs who are less talented… tend to prefer to throw the ball between the hashes more than QBs with the accuracy (along with arm strength) to have success throwing outside the numbers and down the field. Shockey had more targets in 2002 as a rookie than he did in any other year of his career.

Shockey was a rookie in 2002… when Amani Toomer was the #1 WR with not much else at WR.
In 2003… Shockey only played 9 games due to injury.
Then in 2004… Kurt Warner started 9 games, Eli started 7 games… and both struggled.
In 2005, Giants added Plaxico Burress, still had Amani. Eli completed only 53% of his passes even with pretty good weapons around him.

In 2008, Giants drafted Steve Smith in Amani’s final year.

The conditions were right for Shockey to have a big year in 2002… but the Giants had more weapons available during the rest of his career.

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