Could he become a stud?

OK, for the first 2 minutes this guy gushes about how he ran his route, caught the ball, and turned back up field. Sorry, I’m watching the D player who allowed the catch but drove him back and keeps him from getting a first down on inside the 10 on a 3rd down play. Good tape of his physicality and concentration though. He absolutely plays faster than his 40 time.

It was a bad throw, ball should’ve been inside for the easy 1st down


I’d encourage you watch it one more time, then ask yourself if the QB threw the ball on time was he in 1st down territory? :+1:

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Nope, look at the yellow line.

You’re not gonna get through to him, he’s a condescending know-it-all that doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about

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I think it’s both. Clearly a poor throw but he did break off the route a bit early.

The more I learn about Cephus the more fired up I get. I think he’s got starter potential. I think it was Weasel but someone asked the question, “what if BQ’s a WR evaluating virtuoso?” Curious to see if Fulgham makes a jump.

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I’m excited about his possibilities. I’m glad he gets to spend time with this group of receivers. If you can’t learn from Amandola, Marv, and Kenny, you don’t belong in the NFL.
I think he takes the #4 spot, easily.

I think he’s got the potential to be a very solid #2 who moves the chains and can be a dependable red zone threat. I only saw him play a couple of times and was always impressed with his toughness and his ferocity. The dude didn’t back down from anybody and was always turned on. The guy is a junkyard dog. He’s the type of glue guy, clutch player that winning teams have to fill out a roster.

I agree, I love his play at the LOS, he has a great release and is quick and crisp in his cuts… I think he has a real shot at being a starter in the slot down the road. My biggest knock on him isn’t even his speed, it’s his hand size, but he seems to catch the ball just fine.

Even if he’s a chain mover number three type that’s a massive win in round five.