Could we still draft Curtis Weaver?

Highest PFF pass-rush grades in the PFF College Era (2014-19, min. 200 snaps)
Name Season Team Pos. PFF Grade
Chase Young 2019 OHIO STATE ED 96.5
Josh Allen 2018 KENTUCKY ED 94.4
Ronheen Bingham 2018 ARK STATE ED 94.1
Quincy Roche 2019 TEMPLE ED 93.3
Curtis Weaver 2018 BOISE ST ED 92.8
Nick Bosa 2017 OHIO STATE ED 92.5
Quinnen Williams 2018 ALABAMA DI 92.5
Jerry Tillery 2018 NOTRE DAME DI 92.5
Myles Garrett 2015 TEXAS A&M ED 92.4
Curtis Weaver 2019 BOISE ST ED 92.3

I wouldn’t mind going that route.

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Was thinking the same thing. Curtis Weaver might be a good value pick here. Crazy productive and seems crafty.

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I hope we do.

I’d love for them to get any of these guys to start the day. He’s at the top of my wish list today.

  1. Curtis Weaver - DE Boise State
    2a. Tyler Biadasz - G/C Wisconsin
    2b. Jacob Eason - QB Washington

I was reading through a few other threads and i think a few lions fans seem to be looking for the lions to grab him here the top of the 4th.

Jacob Eason might be tempting too. It’s just so hard to draft a guy that wouldn’t play anytime soon when we need players now. 4th rounders aren’t suppose to play right away anyways but I think someone like Weaver would get some reps.

My guts telling me somebody is trading up to get Weaver in the first couple picks of the fourth.

I would LOVE to land this kid. I dig his game. And at 6’2" and 265 pounds this dude is a solid LBer prospect here.

Can’t have too many CB or pass rushers. I would be cool with this.

We could, but I think that ship sailed when we took Okwara

I’d love Weaver. I think he may be stuck in tweenerville for a lot of teams, but he should be a chess piece that a coach like Patricia would love to have. Weaver is a sack specialist, which we need more of, and he would be an excellent weapon to deploy on 3rd and long and when you need someone to get the QB moving and not sitting on a 5 second platform. That happened WAY to often last year.

Out of our 4 picks, Im expecting DE, DT, OT and either a WR or LB to finish out.

I think so too. And we still have guys we haven’t seen play yet, Austin Bryant. I think that group is getting a little cluttered. Especially if we take another one.

I’m not sure what happened with Weaver. He is not great against the run but I didn’t think that would make him drop to the 4th. Not having may have hurt him. He never ran the 40 or did the bench at the combine. I know he played with a minor injury in his bowl game but I did not hear that it was serious. His teammates and coaches rave about him so I don’t think it is a character issue. We will probably hear more after the draft.