Couple Questions re: tonight

1:) how are we going to match up with Aaron Jones in the passing game? Since Adams went out his target share has skyrocketed. Do we commit a safety? Walker?

2.) How do we deal with their “small ball” pressure packages. Clark, Gary, Smith and Smith?

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Zone coverages. I expect more zone coverages and Zone blitz’s this week. I suspect we will bring a safety up to help stuff the RB as well. Meaning run a single deep safety.

We will probably double up Graham.

We should play aggressively vs the packers offense like we did last year in week 17. They couldn’t handle are blitz packages. It clearly confused their blocking assignments.

On offense I think the key is our TE’s. I believe TJ was drafted mainly to help with the heavy pass rushers of the NFCN. I expect to see more two TE sets tonight. We will try to establish a run game early. I also expect us to use our TE’s as receivers too. GB’s defense has struggled to pick up TE’s. So TE play could be crucial tonight.

We should be able to run on GB. What I don’t want to see is us fall behind quick and early. If we can avoid that I think we can establish the run and then have some play action success.

Limit the possessions, relatively low scoring game. Spy ARog…don’t let him get outside

Historically blitzing ARog has been a recipe for disaster but for whatever reason we were successful with it last game so do that (whatever it was LOL) some more.

I hope ARog still remembers that fuzzy feeling from the last Lions game and it affects his play

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We have given up a 30+ reception to a rb every game this year. We are in bottom 5 in catches, yards, and TDs to RBs. This is the area that scares me the most in this game

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I think this is not the game to suddenly go zone. Their man beater WR is out for the game. I would challenge the other guys to beat man coverage.

I know he catches alot of flack, but when we send Jarrad Davis its an entirely different ballgame than most other teams sending LBs. Even in college when I saw him moving around I remember telling the board “this is the kind of guy we can send at Erin Rodgers and he can actually track him down.” Davis is better than the X’s and O’s in that regard.


That’s because we played a ton of man coverages. The Packers don’t have the WR’s to warrant man coverage. I think we see some heavy zone coverage and this will help us picking up the TE’s and RB’s.

We are definitely not seeing eye to eye on this one.

I hope we go almost exclusively man to man

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Coleman end up on Jones a couple times when he motions out. That is a win for us in that matchup

I am with you Wes. Man up with a deep safety and make them beat us. Spy Rodgers in obvious passing downs.

We just haven’t blitzed a ton this year and I don’t expect that to change a ton tonight. Stop the run early and force them to throw.

The 3 thing’s our defense can’t do
1 let Jones go off
2 make Graham look good again
3 Erin running

Offense no turn overs. Punts aren’t bad. Redzone TDs not fgs

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Sounds like loading the box to stop the run and making Aaron’s 5th rounder and UDFA’s beat us. We are more than capable of going man coverage with their receivers.

Yeah I am not feeling the zone coverage. Rodgers can beat zone coverage all day long. Rodgers does get rattled when his receivers are tightly covered - especially if you can generate some pressure. We have proven we can provide really tight man to man coverage and DA won’t even be in the game. Force him to go through all his progressions and keep a spy on him to limit his mobility. Meanwhile we have to have sound gap integrity in the running game to keep Jones in check. Just my two cents :slight_smile:


Do the same thing as against KC.

Play the run, man coverage, double TE Graham maybe.

Just please dont put Davis as a spy and have him stand there! If anything send more blitzes with the LB.

But I really liked having DE, chip TE/WR at the line of scrimmage and then play the run. Knocks one guy out of the play entirely.

David should be in the box. Tovai is your spy.