Cousins graduated yesterday,how about stafford?

Can you name a QB from 2000 who is the face of franchise for more than 10 years and not even won a playoff or a division.Now Stafford don’t have any company.I am happy for cousin, even though he is quite , he is more transparent and likeable to me.Great accuracy on the deep passes,mouth watering to catch those passes

give stafford dalvin cook.


Give him that vikings defense too.


The Vikings graduated yesterday.
I don’t compare QBs to Pitchers. QBs aren’t credited with W’s. The organizations are.


Everyone here knows I’m no Stafford slappy. But I came here to say what Sheepish and Wise said.

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Stafford makes at least 3 times more money than every QB in the NFL. I am lead to believe.

He needs be a dominant QB, DE, WR, LB, LS and K.

Matthew Stafford is 10th on the current QB contract avg/year list according to OTC. Clearly, he’s worth it and only a fool would think otherwise after seeing what this team did while he played and what happened afterwards.


Screw this fake account, for one. He can spell Cousins in the headline but not in the body of the post. This is trash.


That, plus whats the point in grading a player by his salary anyways?
We all surely know thats not how things work.
Dak is about to be one of the highest paid at QB.

Are you sure it wasn’t 4 times?
Stafford earning triple the salary of every QB seems low.


Stafford always had decent weapons like good offensive line and Calvin Johnson etc . Not like old days were Harrington didn’t have any offensive lineman to block and when we keep drafting receivers , also az Hakim days where recivers can’t create any separation . My problem with Stafford is when we are ready to take lead, he mess it up by throwing inaccurate passes and even more fumbles now a days

This is Angry Driver…check his IP address. I believe he resides in the Oregon area.


The Lions have averaged the 26th best run game and the 19th best defense in the league in Stafford’s 11 seasons. In those 11 seasons, the Lions have had a top 20 run game ONCE. From 2014 to 2018, Stafford had a dud OC so opposing defenses not only knew he was going to throw all the time because the run game was so bad, but they also knew where he was going to throw it.

Stafford is not the problem.


Your English is too inconsistent to pass my smell test. Get a life.

It’d be nice if they would just ban the account. Definitely not good for the boards. Trashes everything Lions related

Cook had very little to do with the Vikings win. The Vikings are much better off letting Kirk throw and the analytics back that up… in a big way.

94 yards and 2 TDs yesterday. Over 1,000 yards on the season at 4.5 ypc. He’s a threat. Teams have to account for him. He’s a huge part of that offense


Please don’t crucify me like Jesus for things I didn’t do . I was just telling the facts . I agree on all your stats about Stafford , but my sixth sense don’t give me good confidence . Let’s do one thing and I will come back next year . Tell me how many wins you win with Stafford this year . Mine is 7

He averaged 3.4 yards a carry. 28 carries. That’s way too much, and Zimmer handicaps the offense with his archaic philosophy. No different than Pete Carroll in Seattle.

They sold out to stop the run and dared cousins to beat them, and he did, in large part because of the effectiveness of the play action. Dalvin Cook is a beast.