Cousins might be traded?

His road to the Super Bowl still goes through Detroit!

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28, 24, 29 ranked defenses in Minnesota the last 3 years……

Josh Allen - had 16, 1, and 2….

Allen is 3-12 in his career when Bills give up 27 plus points…. Cousins is 8-22-1 in his 5 years in Minnesota!!!

Cousins faced 27 plus points in double the games that Allen did over the past 5!!!

Cousins would choke less if his team held the opponent to 13-17 points in 8-10 games a year.


Its a trade compensation thing, according to Schefter. The Packers want a Matt Stafford type haul from the trade. The Jets want the Brett Favre deal, which was a conditional 4th round pick. That pick became a 3rd rounder if Favre played half of the teams offensive snaps. It went to a 2nd rounder if he played 70% and the Jets made the playoffs. It became a 1st if the Jets reached the Super Bowl and Favre played most of the snaps.

The Jets already know what Rodgers contract looks like and they went after him anyways. And I will add two more things. First, Rodgers camp built a strange deal that clearly had this moment in mind. From what I can gather the Packers have to eat $40M no matter what. Its just a matter of whether they eat it all at once or wait until June 1st to split it. Rodgers has an option that can be excercised to bring his cost for the season down. If the Packers excercise the option and then trade him, it means the Packers have to eat $100M. If he gets traded and then the Jets excercise the option, he only counts $16M.

The second thing I will say is that Rodgers has said he would be willing to renegotiate his deal with “the right team.”

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If Goff wins I definitely need to update the diss wheel

What if we only beat San Francisco, but, lose the Super Bowl?

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Well the upside is that means the Lions are the NFC Champions! Be still my heart


So the Niners are going with the f$ck them picks approach I guess



Kissing Cousins!?!?

Supposedly, per profootballrumors report, the financial/salary cap aspect of the trade are already finalized. The issue is trade compensation as the Jets don’t know, or aren’t telling GB(more likely the case imo), how long they will have Rodgers under center.

If it’s only a year then the compensation is a lot less and it’s why I think you hear the GB GM say they are willing to deal him without a first round pick involved. Well, one of the reasons.

You mean hockenson can’t carry them?

Can you imagine being a Packers fan and knowing this information on the night the Detroit Lions came to lambeau and ended the Aaron Rodgers era?

Oof. Painful.

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Always thought cousins would be good fit in sf but not at his price. I still think he is overrated who will given in to pressure


All I know for sure is that the Vikings GM typically won’t mess up an opportunity to mess up!

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