Cousins might be traded?

I haven’t seen this here yet…

As long as this precedes a trade with us for number 6 I am down with it!!!

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Would they need number six if they get Lance?

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The 49ers are already a super bowl contender with that outstanding defense and running game. Cousins would actually be a good fit. It makes sense with his background with Shanahan.

I was kinda surprised they didn’t make a move for Rodgers. They have a very talented roster.


Seems to me he just slightly better then Jimmy G, I would hate this move if I was them. Maybe they still believe in Lance and it’s a stop gape type. They might as well kept JG.


The Vikings absolutely collapse without Cousins.


They can’t count on JG to stay healthy. Here’s a quick rundown, using Year 1 as his first year that he started a game:

Year 1 - Started in place of Tom Brady to begin the season, due to suspension. Halfway into his 2nd game he was injured and out. He never started again for the Pats.

Year 2 - Was traded the the 49ers and made 5 starts after learning the playbook midseason.

Year 3 - Got injured in the 3rd game of the season and was done for the year.

Year 4 - Played every game and went to the Super Bowl.

Year 5 - Played 6 games and got injured. Done for the year again.

Year 6 - Played most of the season.

Years 7 - Was replaced by Trey Lance. Then Lance got injured so Jimmy replaced Lance. Then Jimmy got injured and was done for the year, again.


And not just in prime time.


Maybe a good move by both teams. Niners probably see Purdy as the new heir apparent and Cousins as a more reliable veteran presence for year or two

Vikings fans have Cousins fatigue and he is 34 so time to plan on moving on. They get their new young QB who was a top five pick just a few years ago and already has some NFL experience


Bears trade out of 1OA
Packers lose Rodgers
Vikings want Trey Lance.

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Nobody can afford Rodgers or Jackson. That should be coming into focus any second.


I mentioned the Trey Lance rumor in another thread, but yeah to make that deal work I would think Cousins would have to be part of the equation. Otherwise without Cousins the trade wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense for SF.

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Because Rodgers wants to throw the ball and win mvp. The 49ers want to run the ball and play defense.

Mind blowing if that’s how it all turns out

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I think it’s more the insane contract he has. Rodgers throwing to Kittle, Deebo and Ayiuk, with that running game and that defense. Good luck beating that team. Clearly it aint happening, but I think Cousins would do quite well himself with those weapons and Shanahan calling the plays.

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To clarify, you don’t think the Jets will make that trade after all that has went down!?

I have no idea. All I know is that the talks have been ongoing for a month. Rogers wants to go to the Jets. The Jets want Rodgers. Green Bay doesn’t want Rodgers.
You have to assume money is the hold up, from some angle. Since the Jets are going to be the ones doing the paying, it almost has to be them?

The contract is one factor, the trade compensation another big one. It’s like a game of chicken as one poster said a couple weeks ago.


If Cousins went to the Niners and won a Super bowl I’d have to update the diss wheel for sure

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Yep. There’s going to be a whole bunch of compensating going on, and the Jets are going to be the ones doing it.
I’m wondering if they didn’t bite off more than they could stomach.
Rodgers price tag is going to put the Jets where Green Bay is, and Rodgers alone can’t compensate for a lack of talent around him.

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