Cousins to Atlanta

The logic of we have too much money not to spend way more than we lose. Simple math.

OK, so you’re saying we’ll be spending the money to cancel it out. You should have made that clear.

But if we spend it on guys who were cut: Armstead, Darious Williams, etc… it doesn’t count against the comp pick formula. So even by spending money we could still get a comp pick

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There’s also not many guys that will cancel out JJs comp pick…

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Pitts is good, but he’s no Sam LaPorta.

In fact, London is no Sun God, and Robinson is no Gibbs.

Doesn’t really have anything to do with what you posted, but I have really been wanting to say this.


This is huge for helping us maintain stranglehold on division

Wonder what this does to Justin Jefferson. He’s not gonna want to stick around with a pile of dog poo at QB during his prime.

Jared will not be cheap

In all likelihood their rook will take a year or two to be a real threat. Nothing is certain but this does seem to be a step back for them into developing a young QB.

I hope they do. I don’t think he’s gonna be an NFL QB

Was thinking the same thing, he was in Kirk’s corner. If they draft a dud, could be trouble…

If Odunze or Nabers falls to Atlanta, that offense has the potential to just feast

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They get Fields and Jefferson demands a trade.* It won’t happen but I would love it.

*not really but he would think it really hard

I do. He is young. Has elite character and traits. And he is a leader for days.

Also look at hia 3rd down stats compared to all the qbs in this class. He completed double the 3rd and long passes of any of the top 3 guys. He ia clutch. I do think he has a long carrer ahead of him.

I think JJs mental character is unbreakable. That is RARE

signing Kirk Cousins to a four-year, $180 million contract that includes a $50M signing bonus, per sources.

Another monster payday for Cousins, who gets $100 guaranteed — $90M in 2024 and ‘25, plus another $10M in 2026 — and a fresh start in Atlanta at age 35.

Happy Kirk Cousins GIF

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Talk about win/win

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Cousins knows how to negotiate

After agreeing to a 4-year, $180 million contract with the Falcons (including $100 million guaranteed), Kirk Cousins is set to become one of the highest-paid QBs in NFL history in terms of career earnings. According to Over the Cap, he’ll be at $331.4 million, which ranks second behind Aaron Rodgers and is almost $15 million more than Tom Brady.

Underdog NFL

Highest career earnings in NFL history (per Over The Cap):

Aaron Rodgers $343.5M

Kirk Cousins $331.4M

Matthew Stafford $328.0M

Tom Brady $317.6M

Goff is 6 years younger. Won far more playoff games and doesn’t have a torn achilles…

Goff and his agent are salivating after seeing that Cousins deal.


I had similar thoughts on Goff and his agent.
Cousins playoff record? SB record?

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