Cousins to Atlanta



Had a feeling he would end up here.
Lot of buzz about this in Atlanta
4yr deal

They are going to be good.


Big surprise lol. Show the numbers!

Awesome, Minny will be cellar dwellers this year, I just hope they don’t get Fields. Get that guy out of the division.


Is it though? It’s been known for a few days that Atlanta was his likely landing spot.
Good fit, QB was their main missing piece.

Bears are stupid but not stupid enough to send fields in division to haunt them twice a yr.

Probably not great for the AAV of FA signings lol. Jonah’s gonna have to be a star for us to get a 3rd round comp pick

They’ll be good for the South. Personally I think their pieces on offense are a tad bit overrated. I do still love Bijon though.

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New coach, new offense and a qb who can throw the ball, not saying they will be great but they will be good. Curious to see how they use Pitts.

Please share what ever you are smoking thinking we will get a comp pick. I could use a buzz.

It’s in another thread.

another fantasy year of Pitts is going to be a monster :rofl:

He actually could be this time. Shit…I’m drafting him aren’t I? Haha

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Anyone else hope the Vikings dont draft JJ? I really want to be able to root for the kid in the pros.

Kwaze needs to get Dobbs locked up with some starter money :moneybag: :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings:

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We are definitely getting a 4th rounder unless we cancel it out


I will bet you $100 and give you 5:1 odds.

I know we cant bet here… but i would bet the farm on it.

What logic are you using? If you lose an FA for a certain amount of money you are GUARANTEED a comp pick. You can cancel it out by signing someone at a similar rate, but if that doesn’t happen we’re getting one.

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I actually don’t hate Pitts. And I do somewhat like London. Just think they are way too redundant. I think their OL is a bit overrated as well.

They’ll easily win that division.