Cowboys avg margin of victory at home this year is:

24 pts! They are 7-0 and only one game has been closer than 20 points (they beat Seattle by 6). I’ll be rooting hard for our boys but I don’t have much hope and I will try not to be discouraged if we get blown out. They beat the Eagles and Jets by 20, the Rams by 23, the Giants by 32, the Commanders & Patriots by 35. If somehow we pull this off it will be a fantastic sign for the playoffs, but I think as Lions fans we probably need to keep our expectations low for this game.

The Lions have enough offense to avoid getting blown out and could, in theory, keep the game closer (and the Dallas offense off the field), by adopting a Buffalo game plan and trying to run the ball down the Pies throats with a mostly healthy OL.

However, it could also look like those early 2022 games where the Lions fall way behind, then come back to make it close in the end.


They average 40 ppg at home, and 22 ppg on the road. The disparity is unbelievable.

They are due for a bad game at home though, and The Lions also have a nice little streak going in prime time.

We got this


Jets - I would hope so, they have no offense
Patriots- They started Mac Jones…welp
Rams- I belive Staffordgot injured this game, but not bad
Giants- ya see Jets and patriots
Washington- not impressed
Seahawks- was close
Eagles- will give credit but there is something not good going on there at moment.

They may blow out Lions but also not fully impressed.

Tough games they struggle especially on road and unfortunately they likely going on the road the whole playoffs no matter what happens Saturday.


After our playoff game with them, why would you not believe it?
You remember the story about Refs being approached to throw games?
Yeah, that was Jerry.

Lions running attack should have wings for this game. Dallas rush D isn’t exactly the best.


■■■■ the cowboys

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It will come down to turnovers and our running game.

We’ve run the HELL out of the ball the last few games:
142 NO
140 CHI
185 DEN
143 MIN

I can’t figure out a scenario where that would not continue.

The Cowboys have not faced a running game like ours, either. Twentyman’s rankings above in the thread are accurate. We’re a top rushing offense, and they’re in the bottom half of stopping it—and we’re 16 weeks into the season, so these teams are who they are at this point.

SO, it will take an out-of-character performance by both teams to see Dallas handle us the way they have others, or we turn the ball over.

I give Dallas the edge because of their dominant performances at home, but I’m not convinced we don’t show up and stun them, either.


The one intangible that is in the Lions favor is we already have the 3 seed locked up. We really don’t have a lot to lose so we shouldn’t play tight.

If we don’t turn the ball over we win

I appreciate all the optimism, and I hope I’m wrong…but we have not shown any ability recently to shut down an offense like the Cowboy’s, and when we have fallen behind immediately in games, that’s when the turnovers appear for us. Maybe Goff senses he has to be perfect and presses, or maybe the play calling changes, but for whatever reason, when our defense gets dominated our offense also seems to suffer, and I think we are about to get dominated on Saturday. As I said before however, I will be thrilled to be wrong and will come on here and readily admit it.

Running the ball and avoiding Daron Bland would be a good idea.

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Except Buffalo:


Buffalo Rushing

James Cook
Ty Johnson
Josh Allen
Latavius Murray
Kyle Allen

25 179 7.2 1 24
9 54 6.0 0 11
8 24 3.0 1 9
5 11 2.2 1 8
2 -2 -1.0 0 -1
49 266 5.4 3 24
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Let me sprinkle this in, since you are a non-believer. All it takes is a few calls to change a game.

Turnovers that benefit them will not even be reviewed, while ours will take extra time to confirm. They will find a way to magically call back 2-3 of our good runs, while ignoring obvious penalties on 2-3 of their’s.

That’s the basic formula. Turnovers and “explosive plays” are at a premium in the NFL. And the ability to take some away from one team and add some to the other team impacts the outcome of games.

yep… brace yourselves… in regards to refs…
no lube will be used.

They won’t even spit on it. :flushed:

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For the Cowboys game the Lions defense best friend is going to be the Lions offense. TOP is going to be huge and the ability to control that by running the ball.
In the Minny game we had the ball for 38:22, if we can do that in Dallas, we win the game.

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I’ve been thinking this way all season, every game.


Our rushing D is #4, San Fran is #3 and is only.3 yards per game ahead of us.

1 Bears 80.7 7
2 Patriots 84.8 11
3 49ers 90.3 9
4 Lions 90.6 15