Cowherd spreading the Goffling Goffspel


Well shit… now I’m questioning my long-time Goff support.


Like waking up next to your sister.


Cowherd has thought JG was underrated for a long, long time. Dating back to his Ram days.


Because he’s from the West Coast. Colin loves anything from there.

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That’s fine, I’m happy he likes Goff…but I guess he didn’t hear all the Jared Goff chants coming from Detroit fans.

Anyways…I like Goff and I look forward to him leading our Lions and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy…



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He wasn’t speaking to the people chanting. He was speaking to the people that still want to attribute anything positive Goff does to someone else.

Jared Goff will be forever linked to Ryan Gosling. I think its appropriate that Gosling’s latest movie is “Fall Guy” where he plays a stuntman. No matter what a stuntman does, he will never get credit from the masses. Other people walk the red carpet and take credit for the films success and the stuntman is just a background character.


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I like the “Fall Guy” comp…although I do think he gets more praise than a stuntman. Nonetheless I like the angle you’re presenting.

I’m a Goff fan and I’m really happy he has a great team around him…I find it odd that folks don’t want a good team around him so they can pick apart his deficiencies.

Building a champiionship team is enough of a obstacle course of holyshitness. I guess I don’t understand the caustic consternation of JG being a problem, when in fact.he isone of the main reasons our team is as successful as it is…and why it will have even greater success.

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Ah, is that when Colin had Goff rated as the 21st best QB?

I feel like Cowherd was never a Goff supporter up until late…but I could be wrong.

Its definitely not a direct parallel. In Goff’s case, its even more strange. He is in the leading role but looked at as a supporting character. The old saying is “QBs get too much credit and too much blame.” In Goff’s case he catches the blame but his credit is given to him as a fraction of what is normal for the position.


I think it was the year after where he ranked Goff below Justin Fields in the NFC North.
Colin’s a fricking loud mouth moron thats barely above Stephen A.


I think I remember him around 2017/2018 CC giving Goff some serious love and going on about how Goff will be another Tom Brady.

But Ive been phasing a lot between dimensions. so I could be remembering a different timeline

Fields was 1-0 vs the Lions in 2021 as a rookie. Montgomery ran for over 100 yards and 2 TD’s. Cowherd is an “in the moment” type of guy, most of the talking heads are. I actually respect his take on IOWA, he has bagged on our football team for years, we were never as good as our ranking and he knew it. Your job is to make predictions, I really don’t see many that are any more accurate.

Goff was a big supporter of Goff in LA until he fell apart. And then he got on the train pretty heavy again in the last year or so. I do think he jumped off like a lot of folks but he’s generally been a supporter. Colin’s also a big believer in the surgical drop back type in general. So I guess he’s been a long time supporter excluding a sabbatical.


Man, he merc’d EVERYBODY in Hit’ Em Up. That hatred at the end was unreal.

He’s just another talking head. He loves Goff now after ranking him dead last behind Fields.

These guys flip flop more than a lady boy in Bangkok :joy:

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Cowherd has given Goff more credit then most in media. That dates back to the LA days. But when God, I mean McVay dumped him. Collin quickly jumped off the wagon. Then when Goff continued to show he wasn’t McVay dependent. Collin hopped on back on and acted as if he never got off the train.

Props to Collin for atleast being more objective then most in the media. While I’m not a big fan of his. He does atleast try to be a little original.