Crazy LA doesn't care about the NFL

There are Rams fans in LA but it’s crazy to see these top 10 local rankings for the markets that watched the Super Bowl. LA isn’t in the top 10.


St Louis not in there either. I would have thought there would be a lot of St Lous Rams fans still in the mix.

I thought wrong…


Interesting that Ohio took up 3 of the markets but not one California market.

I honestly do not know why the NFL tries so hard in that state. Their just not a football state.


Agreed, I feel like Northern California is maybe a little different. I remember lots of people walking around with Niner gear on as a kid etc, perhaps that has changed. I liken it a lot to DC sports where is a social thing rather than a diehard thing. There are diehards in DC, but during their stanley cup run and their MLB run you didn’t alot of fan support out and about…the farther outside the DMV area the more support you saw…if the steelers make it or the Wings or Lions make it the entire city gets behind it…just a different way of living…

A) Bill is a friend of mine, so thanks for citing him.

B) It’s February. Let me know when you spot the difference between those cities and LA.

*I still think your point still holds water. I’m just not as convinced that this is the only data point to consider.

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This is from 2016, but I’m guessing it still holds true, but LA and SF watch the least amount of TV of any major US city. We can all make jokes about tacos and hiking, but … there’s better shit to do in February in LA than there is in Ohio.


How do you read those rankings?
Is that viewer % share?
What is the number after the / ?

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Oh agree, There are a lot of things to do there and it’s not sports focused. I’d be outside doing shit. Just a different way of life. Lot’s of data points to consider, just thought it was an interesting stat.

I remember years ago when one of my friend’s bought a new TV. He spent top dollar on the newest and best Samsung, and he was proud of it. It was somewhere in the $2k range after taxes, etc. But hey, its an investment for something he was going to get alot of use out of.

Then his job took him to San Diego, and it was a complete culture shift. He rarely watched TV, barely stayed at home other than to sleep, and he quickly lost 20-30 pounds without even trying.


Less mad at people in LA market and more at the NFL. They continue to shove football franchises on the city and they continue to show the NFL they don’t care about football.

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Not mad about anything :crazy_face:

Nope… With such huge markets there are lots of fans in California but the per capita and passion is 100x lower than anything east of the Rockies.

It’s a cultural thing for sure. Way more talk about the weather, wine, and food than sports. You don’t get social points for having gone to a football game. You get them for having tried the latest restaurant or having been to a charity event.

LA is full of rich ego people, that came from some other state. Having two LA teams is just dumb.

Yup. The nfl is so enamored by the #1 market but it’s failed time and time again. The nfl would be better served putting a team in Nebraska. They’d be almost guaranteed to sell out every game. It’ll never happen though. The nfl is all about flash and not substance.


If I played for the chargers I’d be upset. If I had to live in California I’d much rather be in San Diego than LA.


like i said, it may have changed since I lived there in the 80’s and 90’s.

They’re a college football state, SoCal really, USC football specifically.
Northern California has a good NFL fanbase which is why it’s dumb that they couldn’t make the Oakland Raiders work with a new stadium. The Rams and Chargers have always had more opposition fans than home fans.

Just seems like it would be as popular as Green Bay. Sometimes small markets payoff more than big markets.

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You know it would. As rabid as that fanbase is. They’d be at the top of merchandise sales as well.

Pittsburgh, KC, Jacksonville and even you, Boston, y’all my boys now. That’s tight.

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