Crazy Weather yesterday

I think we beat the all time high by about 20 degrees, it was 74. Then the storms, high winds and tornadoes came. I think we had 7 tornadoes across Iowa yesterday, right now the only fatality that has been reported was a semi driver whose rig was blown over just north of where I live. Lost power for 6 hours, not bad as they have already announced that some area’s will be w/o for 3 days. Currently 45 degrees cooler than the high yesterday, 29 degrees out there. The new “normal”.

Wow, that’s a lot of tornadoes, glad you’re doing OK

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Derecho last year was way worse, 50 miles wide and 200 miles+ long. People were w/o power for over a month all over the state. Of course I priced out generators and was going to buy one 3 months ago…and didn’t. May have to pony up and buy one that I can feed back into my panel, my Xmas present to myself.

The natural gas cutover generator my mom and step-dad have is the best buy they have made in a long time. Power goes out…wait 10 seconds, what I assume is the noise of a valve opening from the cutover in the utility room…lights, camera, action.

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My parents and my in laws both have whole house backup generators. They’re pretty great. I’m cheap, so I bought a regular generator that has enough power to run most of the house.

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Yes, Generac is absolutely the best but sometimes your electrical panel is on one side of the house and the gas meter is on the other and if you have a finished basement the logistics suck. They’re great though, I was just in Seattle and my brother has lived on Bainbridge Island for many years and their power goes out all the time. He’s on his 2nd Generac not because the first one crapped out, but because they wanted more of the house on the feed. My needs are simple, just need a portable unit that can also be used to run my a/c on my camper, so one with a 30 amp capacity. I just need electricity in my home for 2 fridges and my den. Yes, it sucks if you’re not home to set it up but her relatives are everywhere in this town,(family tree looks like a telephone pole), and they’re pretty helpful. Plus, I know for a fact they don’t have backups so they could hang out here and empty my beer fridge and liquor cabinet.

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This is the 2nd time in past few weeks this has happened here in Michigan… and makes me nervous.

In 2013… we had a similar day in late November.
I was working about 20 miles north and about 15 miles west of my home… and it was almost 70 degrees.

Luckily was able to leave work just early enough to race the storm home. As I drove home to the south, I could see the storm line approaching from the west moving at about 50 mph… and I got on to the highway heading east just in time to outrun it home. Pulled in my garage, and we lost power about 3 minutes later.

The thing that makes me nervous… is that the temp plummeted that day to below freezing, and then we went 4 months without seeing a single high temp over 40 degrees. We had bitter cold days of -20 degrees and wind chills near -40 degrees. The snow that got packed down into ice didn’t melt because of the constant cold. It seemed like a never ending miserable season.

I sure as hell hope this isn’t a repeat of that winter…

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Our 10 day says 30’s and 40’s. We have had no measurable snow this year. AND found my generator…

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