Create your own Lions Staff: The Den Edition

You know how they say “fans can’t run a team better than professionals who get paid to do it”? Well we’ll see about that! I had this idea for a fun little offseason activity for the board a couple of days ago, but finally figured out today how it could be structured so here it is!

The idea is that we are going to fill as much of an NFL football team staff as possible from the coaches, front office, ownership, and maybe even the business side if we get there, with members of this board!

How it’ll work is you can nominate whoever you want for whatever position you want, and I’ll do my best to keep a running tally of all of the nominations and we’ll start building the staff. We are going to maximize winning as much as we can with this staff, so choose your nominations wisely.

If you haven’t been nominated for anything yet and there’s a position you might want on our fake staff you can nominate yourself, but for the tally a self-nomination will count for half a regular nomination. So if you nominate yourself for GM, and someone else nominates another someone else, then that other someone else has 1 vote and you have 0.5, therefore on the official “staff” which I’ll do my best to keep updated, you’ll see that other someone else in the position. I’ll also try and keep in the table how many votes someone got.

If there’s anything else that I’m forgetting right now I’ll edit it in here.

Now let’s go win a Super Bowl!

Also I have no clue how to insert a table so if someone wouldn’t mind helping me out with that it would be much appreciated. I’d like to keep the tally in a table here.

I’ll get it started. I’ll obviously nominate @Nate for principal owner and chairman (aka “Team Owner”).

I’ll nominate @BigNatty for head coach because I trust he’s going to get the guys motivated and ready to go to war every Sunday.

I’ll also nominate @Thats2 and @CuriousHusker for Director of College Scouting and Assistant Director of College Scouting. I can’t pick between the two of you for the head job so think of this as a 1A and 1B, but someone is going to eventually win the head job, so I’ll leave that up to someone else.

@DeadStroke wins the capologist job by default.


Call the Amish! They are amazing with tables

Godfather= Sheila (only better looking)
Weeze= office LB’r (only better looking)
Dead stroke = cap guru


I don’t deserve that job. I do think I’m qualified to be VP of Dad Jokes though.

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I want to be the liaison between the handsome & ugly ppl. Sorta like keeping harmony between us & th one who are jealous of us.

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Executive Director of Beautiful Baldness


@Weaselpuppy is the Director of Witticisms and Queso

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I want a job in the scouting dept.

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Can I just be a guy in a cubicle that pretends to work, play solitaire all day and collect a paycheck? I’m totally qualified for that.



And visit the den an inordinate amount of time?

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Yessssss! And lots of coffee. Good Coffee. Possibly pastries now and then as a reward for “working hard”.

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Do we need an experienced “Water Boy” I will be the Hydration Coordinator :laughing:
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Trailer Park Boys Drink GIF

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I’m interested in a low paying gig without much responsibility. Running to the store to grab beer, tobacco. Whatever it might be that takes a load off while the organization is stressing out trying to make winning decisions


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Along with my scouting duties i will be happy to be the guy who runs the name up to commish on draft day.

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@BigNatty for director of Confidence

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Your name wouldn’t happen to be Peter Gibbons?

Edit…just saw everyone had the Office Space connection. LOL!

This place is great!

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I just want to know who we’re drafting before anyone else.