Cross train Rakestraw?

I admittedly don’t know much about this guy, but he seems to be a good candidate to cross train at safety. Could he be an upgraded version of Harris?

He isnt that big of a guy and struggles with injuries… when healthy he is closer to a 4.4 flat guy. He ran a 4.51 with a lingering hernia. Yes he is tough and physical and hits. But he is better being cross trained at NCB to as an emergency BB back up. He is a really good corner first and foremost.

Brad knows cbs get ingured. So we have now have some of the best depth in the entire league at the most often injured position.


I see Amik as the backup DB

He took Will Harris spot

Rakestraw teach him how to be CB2 by year 3

We’re going to draft a safety IMO. Vaki has been the most rumored connection.

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As a rookie I’d probably stick with 1 position. Don’t overwhelm the kid. They had to dial it back last year with Branch for that exact reason


Vaki and Oladapo were 2 of the ones we visited that i like. Vaki has double value as a returner with the new rules.

Fully agree here. Let him get healthy and work at outside corner. By the time he is healty someone will be injured.

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And as an offensive gadget guy. And personal protector. I do think he can grown into a good safety as well but there is a unique amount of surplus value with him.


It just hit me

Round 6 we draft both Safeties

Vaki & Carlies

:boom: boom

I think for now this will be the future.

But yes Branch, Rakestraw, Roberstson are all going to be trained at safety. Well see who fits the best. But plenty of options!

He could… but Terrion Arnold is a converted Safety already. We have multiple guys who give us flexibility and that is groovy baby yeah!


Was just listening to Saban talk about that
Also Diggs Dallas CB from Bama

Also converted S to CB

Robertson’s best work is at outside corner. His size would make him probably the smallest safety in the league.

But Bob Sanders was a monster so… who knows

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We didn’t give up what we did to play Arnold at safety. If CB is a struggle for him then it’s going to be a nice option to have but that’s not plan A or even plan B.

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I dont expect him at safety no. Im just pointing out that the other corner we drafted had experience over the one you suggested. I see neither at safety ever really.

Arnold has eye on “more time inside”.
And, Branch, isn’t strickly a slot corner. He plays outside, too! He may have been playing slot out of need.
We’re in a very good place at Corner.
We need to get Walker back, and our backfield will be a total terror!

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I think there will be a high level of cross training among all the DBs. Sending out five DBs where the QB doesn’t know who’s going to be picking up each assignment is a very nice scheme proposition for the defense.


Bob Sanders was short. Short doesn’t make you injury prone. There was nothing lightweight about Bob Sanders.

I see in terms of possibilities

Davis - CB
Arnold - CB
Moseley - CB
Vildor - CB
Gilmore - CB/ NB
Dorsey - CB/ NB
Robertson - CB/ NB
Rakestraw - CB/NB/S
Branch - NB/S
Iffy - NB/S
Kerby - S

James - CB
Brandon - S

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You want one of the top CB’s in this draft to move to Safety at 183lbs?