Curious, who gets the most reps at slot?

So, Curious, ~snicker~ who do you think is going to be ~shhh… I’m saying it…~ spending the most time ~giggle~ IN THE SLOT ~snerk~ this year?

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McVey would have traded all of us. Tends to call max protection when it comes to Veronika.

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I hope so. The lack of imagination using Calvin was tragic. He should have been running way more across the middle on crossing routes.

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That’s when he got hurt, though.

You’re always going to run that risk. Doesn’t mean you handcuff yourself by making his route tree much smaller. Imagine if Calvin had a coordinator that was as innovative as mcvay at scheming his receivers open.

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LOL → exactly!

I said in no particular order. Chark is definitely above Reynolds, though I give Reynolds credit for giving some life to our passing game last year


I’d say St. Brown. I think the plan is two taller faster WR’s on the outside and St. Brown is neither tall, nor fast. They started with T.Williams and Perriman which didn’t work out, but that was the plan. Then as things bogged down, they brought in Reynolds, and St. Brown started taking more outside reps, though they moved him around a lot from that spot to give him a head start on separation. So this offseason they resigned the 6’3 Reynolds, brought in 6’4 Chark, and drafted 6’2 Williams. I do not think they will be doing much with St. Brown on the outside and one of Chark/Williams/Reynolds on the outside. I think they will move some stuff around, especially when JWill gets healthier. But I do believe it will be the taller guys outside and the shorter guys inside for the very most part.


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