Curran: ‘A decision was made' on Belichick's future with Patriots--out after the season

Someone will want him.

Bring him here as a consultant

But I bet he simply retires and ride off into the sunset - I would at his age!

Any decision is subject to change before implementation. If the Patriots win their final four games (Chiefs, at Broncos, at Bills, Jets), that could potentially spark a reversal.

There’s a better chance the Patriots go 0-4 and finish 3-14.

They do have an experienced head coach on staff in Matt Patricia.

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Well played. You win the internet today.

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An interesting idea in this article:

Belichick to the Panthers. But would he want to take on such a challenge at 72 years old?

I would love to see him take another job like DC (Commanders, that is).
But part of that is that I would also love to see him develop that team into a playoff winner WITHOUT signing any former Patriot players or personnel men, just to reinforce how inept the minions from the past 20 years really were.

Haha he’s actually currently destroying the Eagles defense after destroying the Pats offense last year. Even Bill gave up on Fatty McPencil Face.

He would probably have to take a pay cut to coach the cheapskate Chargers, but he could win enough games there to pass Don Shula on the all-time list in a three or four more years.

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True. The Chargers have some good pieces in place to work with.

However, I suspect that LA would prefer the much younger Ben Johnson. :wink:

He coukd replace AG…
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I forgot about that. LOL

Finish his career in the city that he started it in

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Sure he can come to Detroit to be defensive coordinator. Why not.

Think I’d rather have Antonio Pierce if Mark Davis doesn’t hire him as HC.

He fits the model. Former player. Fiery guy with great motivational skills.


The Chargers idea doesn’t mesh. Bellichik would never sell in the LA market, which is half style and glam.

You’re going to hate me saying this, but…

Of all the discussed openings where a grumpy, 72 y.o. codger who thrives on stingy defense fits, sigh, it’s Chicago. Bellichik can coach his brand of football with the Bears and have it resonate with the fan base. There’s no other opening where his brand of football fits as well.

I think you’re right about all of that.