Current Cap Situation for 2024-2030. Projected Depth Chart

So now it’s officially the summer off season. And the only changes on the roster may come after the UFL season is over next week.
But here is where the Detroit Lions stand.

$38.85M in cap space.
And a projected $16.81 for the regular season, based on my projected depth chart. 53 man roster. Dead cap, additional dead cap from cut downs, $20m for practice squad and IR.

And this is the full cap table for 2024-2030
Top 51 contracts

52-90 contracts

Teal dollar amounts are estimated contracts And 5th year options.
Teal player numbers, are estimated because they share a number with another player

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2030? You sir are quite the planner. So much better than my plan :laughing:

GIF by South Park

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Sewell is Signed through 2029 and ARSB has dead cap in 2029.
So 2030 is the first year with NO money spent.