Current Cap Table and Graph 2024-2030

The graph is not that great when you realize that Hutch is gonna hit in 2025 or 2026. Plus a few other guys possibly.

The Lions will be filling in that graph for sure. It is going to be interesting.

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So it looks like we are above average now. Going to be tough to get Alim re-signed.

Hutch may sign next year but his money really wont hit hard till 2027-2028

And the season still offers one game a wk in the standings making each game pretty important.

Now they’ve really tuned into the secondary market and travel fans

That’ll help keep interest in stadiums where the home team is lousy.

Visiting team fans could be in for a fun win in a host city.

NFL has a lot of side hustles going

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Sounds right to me. Gotta catch up with inflation.

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The NFL usually 2-3x the inflation rate.

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