Cutting with a butter knife

This is about all the injuries we’ve seen, especially the secondary.

I used to work at a cattle slaughterhouse. they would teach that everyone should keep their knives sharp at all times because the change of injury goes way up with a dull knife. Makes sense. You press harder, you do things you wouldn’t normally do to cut the meat.

this is what the DBs are being asked to do, especially playing man ALL THE TIME. it’s not what they’re used to, you can see it. so when you try to perform the job you’re not good at, you over adjust, you ‘try harder’ and I think this leads to injury in putting your body out of position because you’re losing your battle.

This defense would be so much better in a zone heavy scheme. keep everything in front. blitz occasionally not all the time. and good lord keep a couple safeties back.



Retread on Patricia talk tbh

he overplayed man so much and it made all the DB’s look bad, and when started playing Zone we saw a bit of improvements but he still played man over zone so much

AG literally is doing the same shit as Patricia

and its concerning as hell

Gonna use gaming terms but Zone schemes are the “Meta” of the NFL right now, especially high cover 2, as it takes away the deep pass essentially, and forces into short throws, but you can have 3 LB’s in zone which can take it away.

Its why Chiefs have changed their offense to literally counter this scheme (Mid range throws, screens, playing more smash mouth, which funnily enough is what our offense is aswell)

But even then Cover 2 is still working pretty damn well, cause you have the LB/DB’s blanket the entire field, which makes it hard to find a good pass


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