Dak's New Contract


Not official but it seems to be a done deal or as close to a done deal as possible

Anyone thinking Goff is taking less than 50 million your lying to yourself tbh, 50 is the minimum, question is the max

once again, I trust in Brad Holmes


And that’s after getting embarrassed on their home field by the Packers… still gets a massive raise.


yeah pretty much

Tua is also up for a massive extension aswell

id rather get Goff’s done now than the other two, as prices will raise for QB’s after a new contract gets out

I don’t know that Dak is a good example. He was franchise tagged twice because Jerry Jones uses every bit of leverage he has. They played hardball with him and Dak played hardball back and got Dallas to kick the can down the road. Well that road has come to an expensive end. I’m sure they would love to be free of that contract now. They could sign Cousins, or Baker, or Dak, for far less.

Cowboys making plans to draft 26th for a few more years. Hey, consistency is good!

Death, taxes, and the Cowboys choking out of the playoffs.

I would have let him hit the market for those numbers.