Dalvin Cook Holding Out

Until he gets what he considers a “reasonable contract” he will not be at any team activities.

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Good. I hope he holds out all the way to next January. Wonder if this means they won’t be able to sign Griffin. Get him out of our division unless we sign him.


Good for him. He deserves $15m a year, I think. Not a penny less.

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With his injury history he owes it to himself to do this. Gotta strike while the iron is hot.


Why are we discussing a 38 ur old Idol singer from 08’?! lol :laughing:

I’m not sure he will get it…

“There’s also Cook’s injury history to take into consideration. The 2017 second-round pick missed most of his rookie season with an ACL injury and dealt with a hamstring injury in 2018. He was slowed by multiple upper-body ailments last year down the stretch. In total, Cook has only played in 29 of a possible 48 games through three seasons.”

Would you pay an RB the kind of money he wants if he has been injured to the point where he’s only played a little more than half of the games in his 1st 3 season? I wouldn’t.

Also, did you see that little thing about the 2021 Cap space might be reduced by $40 mil per team, due to the Coronvirus thing? It’s Rapaport, so…

“There’s also the concern of a dramatic reduction in the 2021 salary cap because of the coronavirus pandemic. NFL Network’s Ian Rapaport recently reported that the cap could decrease by as much as $40 million per team next year.”



I really hope the Vikings pay him because it would be a damn fool thing to do.

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From what being hurt all time?

Good for him and good for us. Vikings are in trouble. No Diggs and no Dalvin makes a really anemic offense.

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If Quinn met Cooks demands this place would blow up
I doubt Spielman honours Cooks demands
Camp hold out coming
That’ll be an ongoing distraction for them
If I was Spielman I’d make a final offer and let him know there will be no more $$$
If he says no thanks, I’d trade him to someone who’s willing to pay him just to get rid of the noise
If you can’t trade him … let him twist in the wind

Oh and a salary cap reduction is going to happen — for sure
That’s going to impact all FAs — for sure
Including ours …

Highjacking abit here but…

In lieu of the salary cap reduction… BQ is looking smarter it seems with how he’s managed the cap to today…

I have very limited knowledge of cap stuff … like a neophyte within a neophyte! But we seems primed to do as well as anyone could unsee these unforeseen circumstances

The division has had a really bad offseason, all of Minnesota, Green Bay and Chicago have gotten worse or at the very least kept the status quo. There’s no excuse for the Lions to not be playing meaningful games in December at the very least in this weak division despite what the “experts” predict.


Vikings are in a little cap trouble too, they’re sitting on $13 million and have a lot of draft picks to sign. They’re suffering from the dead cap hits of Diggs and Rhodes

Thats true
There’s been a noticeable difference in how he manages the cap
IE: He actually manages it!!

Personally I prefer his conservative approach
With his approach you’re never caught making uncomfortable decisions and your always in a position to take advantage of opportunities. Given the circumstances, it wouldn’t surprise me if he chose to sit tight moving into the season, other than picking up a few bargains.
This would give him some cushion going into next year.
I would expect the NFL to make some over-the-cap provision for 2021 and maybe 2022 so teams can better navigate this extraordinary time.

Regardless, Quinn will have the Lions in a good position to take advantage of teams that haven’t been managing the cap prudently.

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Oh my goodness — I feel sorry for them… :grin:

Vikings have Alexander Mattison. Sorry, Dalvin, but you aren’t getting paid.

Let’s not forget about Ameer Abdullah… lol

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