Daly injury report

Someone please cue the theme song from MASH.

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What’s the mule up to these days?


I absolutely agree Mule could be in play.


" either defensive end Aidan Hutchinson or linebacker Alex Anzalone would have replaced him as the emergency long snapper"

Wouldn’t have seen that one coming!


Still available:


“joined the Lions’ front office as a special assistant to the team president”

Hell he is in the building, give him a helmet


I’d prefer we get a bald guy!

ace ventura revenge GIF

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I’m honestly concerned for a playoff game that comes down to a field goal. It happens all the time and it would be just our luck to fail at the kicking game after forty years of near excellence with Murray Hanson Prater

I’m with ya too. I have confidence in our leadership to shore this up. Our Kicker has gained more confidence, but he basically missed an extra point yesterday. I would love to get an emotionally tougher guy with ice in his veins out there.

Everyone knows Anzalone has a long snapper.

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