Damn; Aaron Rodgers cleared for functional football activity


So what does “functional football activity” mean?

It’s the Jets. They need to clear him for dysfunctional football activity


They’re trying to keep their fanbase engaged.

The only thing Rodgers will end up with if he rushes an Achilles return is an amputated foot. It doesn’t matter the amount of magic pachouli oil he rubs on it.


Back from the dead, huh ? We’ll see how that works out…

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We will see …

Pretty sure they didn’t fix the OL in those 79 days


Wasn’t there a ‘playing time’ stipulation in his contract? If he played X percentage of the games, the Packers get a higher pick?

I’d imagine he’s beyond that percentage already, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the Pack get a lower pick…


This makes no sense. Maybe another interpretation is he can begin the exercise part of his recovery that we were watching Walker post online numerous months after having torn his achilles.


These types of videos continued several more months, until like April.

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If he actually steps foot on the field this season and plays his doctors and trainers and Sherpa lol will be sought after by every NFL player with a simlar injury here on out.


I mean they are 4 and 7 with several teams ahead of them in the playoff race. Why would u risk Rodgers tearing it again with almost no chance at the playoffs. If they had 6 or 7 wins it might be more realistic

Although Rodgers in a wheelchair still better than Timmy Boyle :joy:

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All this means is that he will be able to actually throw to Jets receivers on the field.

He will be on season-ending IR after the 21 days.

More importantly, Hendon Hooker is also starting his 21-day practice window!

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What this really means is he managed to regain his reign as the center of football media attention after only a couple of weeks of having lost it. The force is strong in this one.


For Erin, I think that means whining and crying to the refs.


Aaron Rodgers took BPC-157 is my guess it is a peptide that promotes healing of tendons, muscles, joints. It works very well. It is also banned by the NFL. But players only take 1 blood test a year.
And one urine test. But they can do random testing.

It is very low detection times. 7 days in urine, around 30-40 days in blood. I am sure he had his blood tested done in the off-season. Urine I think is done on 4/20 every year no joke because they know players smoke weed.

This is what I have herd from a certified NFLPA agent.

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Not the Aaron Rodgers thing lol but the test times for players.

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Dial up still works…

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His surgeon is already sought out…
he is the same guy that did Cam Akers’ Achilles repair… and Akers returned from IR only 5 months after tearing it.