Damn Philadelphia Eagles!

Man, that 3rd round pick for Tate was looking good but since Wentz went down and Foles has been the QB, that pick just keeps going down and down the board…ugh.

Maybe we can flip it back to them for Nick Foles in a trade…

As of right now, the Golden Tate trade is giving us the 21st pick in round 3.

We have no other 3rd round pick, traded to NE for the move up to get KOJ.

I thought we traded it to NE to move-up to get Deshawn Hand?!?!

At the end of the day, we were not re-signing Tate, so a late 3rd rounder is still an upgrade over a bag of stale chips.

Yeah, but if someone had just used a chip clip, they wouldn’t be as stale.