They might be waiting for unhired head guys like Vrabel or (gulp) Belichick. That’s what some of their fan base thinks anyway.

You don’t win games with yardage. In terms of points, Lions 23rd and Packers 10th. Shows how important friendship is.

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Hoodie? Good luck with that. There are rumored he doesn’t my even want to report to a GM or team president. He’s going to report to another coach. Doubt it.

Atlanta will work things out and he’ll be their next head coach IMO.

Vrabel I’m fine with. He’ll get them to play hard but I don’t think he’s particularly clever as a DC.

Salah would have been the choice. I thought Barry might buy one more year BC of that. Apparently LaFleur and Salah are incredibly tight.

Even after he fired his brother? Maybe it cooled a little anyway. Or maybe he was forced to do that.

I think if he realizes he’s not getting a head job - and you’re right, he might - I think he’d be willing to be a DC. He lives to coach, football is all he knows. He and Lafleur would make for strange bedfellows, granted, but if it was Dan? That would work. If we lose AG maybe he’s an option? Detroit is where his coaching career began.

His pencil had no lead.


It was only a comedy prop. Joke was on us the whole time. At least Bob had a baseball bat.

No worries, Flores to the Vikings was supposed to be a worry for us. All we did was beat him twice in 3 weeks when they still had a shot at the playoffs.

He’s holding out for whoever adds the unlimited chuckie cheese buffet as a compensation perk :wink:

They didn’t have nearly as much talent as GB does though (which makes sense when you consider GB has more 1st rounders starting on D than any other team).

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I love a good joke.

Since you liked the show Barry, I got a show for you to try that I just started watching.

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Cool… never heard of it. Just wrote it down

Same could probably be said for the Bucs secondary.

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Is there any way we can pose as Packers fans lobbying for Matt Patricia :thinking: :rofl: :joy:

Pull out a few teeth, gain 50 lbs, start humping farm animals, and you’ll be indistinguishable.

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First person I thought of:


The Packers have spent 7 first round picks on defense since 2018. We’ve taken 3, and one of them was named Jeff Okudah. In addition to the 7 first round picks, they are heavily invested into 3 other defensive players. Kenny Clark, Preston Smith and D’Vondra Campbell on paper have $170M worth of contracts between them.

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Yes they do
I don’t want to hear the Packers have SO MUCH more talent on the defensive side

Of course everyone will move the goal post,
Yards don’t matter, oh OK
Oh Points don’t matter because he has so much more to work with

LOL…listening to these arguments are so funny

Just bc you disagree with an argument does not make it silly. In fact the people that have forgotten more about defense than you or I will ever know seem to think that AG has done a good job. Especially recently.

Well I didn’t say anything was silly, I said reading these arguments was funny, like in makes me laugh. I find humor in these posts. Everyone changes the metrics for a good DC based on what they are trying to support.

As much as I don’t think AG is a good DC when it comes to play calling, I do think he has done a really good job of rallying this defense in the last half of the year.
I am one that agrees he will probably make a better HC than a DC.

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