If his DB’s could catch gimmie INT’s he’d be coaching in the nfc championship game @ Ford Field.


Don’t lose hope, brothers and sisters.
Matt Patricia is available and rated high.


We need a trade of slay and diggs to gb, then a signing of patricia to be dc… would be fun to see the turmoil that causes

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I will personally drive him to Green Bay.

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This is only a problem if he ends up getting replaced with someone good.


Nah. Someone average is a big improvement

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The divisions going to be brutal moving forward


I know Curious hates Joe Barry… :laughing:

But I do find this interesting.

Packers allowed 350 points and 335 yards per game.

Lions allowed 395 points and 336 yards per game.

One DC gets fired… the other gets several head coaching interviews. Hmmmmm


I think the Packers are loaded on defense outside of safety. I guess corner took a hit after Douglas but they added Calentine late which was big for them.

Also, yardage? Get @stephenboyd57 a hot take show on ESPN.


Haha dude you always say yards don’t matter. That’s why I showed the 45 less points they allowed first.

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What about TDs vs FGs allowed in the red zone?

Maybe this was the factor?

No Mike Zimmer please

One did less with more talent.


Don’t the Packers have the youngest roster in the nfl though?

I’m just playing devil’s advocate here and mostly just giving Curious a hard time. It’s all in good fun on my end.

Hopefully the Pack bring in Patricia asap :joy:

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It’s my understanding Patricia is holding out for the best deal and if it takes 5 years so be it.

They are. Hopefully they make another blah DC hire, they tend to miss a lot. Pettine was pretty good and I guess Capers had one or two good year but overall it’s pretty unimpressive.

I don’t want Zimmer and his maniacal A gap stuff

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I think he’s going to try to coach special teams next. He failed at offense. He failed at defense. We know he’s special. See the pencil for evidence of that.