Damon Harrison contract on the way?

Major news coming soon…

One, it ain’t my money.

Two, I don’t have to worry about the precedence it sets.

Three, Harrison is probably worth more than he’s getting, and they don’t need to lose him as the anchor to that defense. Same with Slay.

Four, the Lions ain’t going nowhere without those 2 guys.

Five, it may not be good business to extend contracts 2 years before the old one is up, it probably depends on what it will take to keep the guy relative to what the team thinks his value is. And maybe looking down the road to next year and what it means for the other players who are in their last year or two of their contracts.

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Sounds to me like he’s referring to the trade from the Giants to Detroit.

Snacks is pretty direct and also seems pretty savvy with social media. If there was a contract dispute, he’d either tell it like it is or say nothing. He’s not the type to waste words.

I’m guessing he’s going to put Gettleman and the Giants on blast as a way to promote his podcast he’s been hinting at.

Snacks just retweeted this John Marshall Jones ( @biggiefryz) tweet from May 28. Sounds like he’s looking forward to this upcoming season with Detroit if you ask me-

Hey Big Man, don’t pay those fools no attention! There are literally THOUSANDS of us who wake up and are SUPER EXCITED that you came to Detroit. You are worth every penny and proved it on the field. Rest up and get ready. You, Trey, A’Shawn, and Hand bout to make NOIZE!!!

11:44 AM - 28 May 2019

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The precedent is that you pay those that perform. The Eagles learned a hard lesson about that years ago, and corrected it. They were rewarded with a Super Bowl, and players that want to play for them.

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