Dan Campbell adjusted mindset to match flow of game -- that’s great news for Detroit Lions

I thought this article makes a good point. Campbell did a much better job of managing the game and going with the flow.

Love the overwll mindset. Just agree w the idea that you dont have to be big balls MCDC against an anemic offense in week 5, 8 of the season when 5 fgs and a td is a blowout and breaks their will.


Here’s the kind of quote that gets under my skin:
"Every game is different and should be coached as such.

Campbell is still a relatively inexperienced head coach, but it appears he’s starting to embrace that concept."

This isn’t the first time he’s shown more patience or less aggression. It’s called strategy and some weeks he believes he has to pull out all the stops. This wasn’t one of those weeks, as others have also been the last couple of years.

Maybe we’ll see growth and progress from Derek in his coverage of the team.


From his interview on 97.1

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“After every game, we break down all of Campbell’s controversial in-game decisions in “Campbell’s Gambles,” but this week, there weren’t any to analyze.”

Too funny.


Honestly, I don’t think so.

I.e. we have the editorial creativity of a protractor so here’s our methodology.

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You screwed me up reading your post
Getting under my skin means you find it irritating :crazy_face:

It’s the whole quote with a dipstick making judgments about something he knows nothing about.

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