Dan Campbell among top NFL coaches players want to play for


The entire Athletic piece is worth your time, and there are a couple of other connections to Detroit. That includes the biggest trash talker in the NFL (I’m sure you can guess), Ford Field being listed among the worst stadiums to play in, and Jared Goff garnering some votes for best player in the game today.


The write up is behind paywall, wondering why FF is worst. ??

Is that from a facilities/field turf standpoint or from a crowd noise wins championships standpoint?

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That data must have been compiled before this Sundays game…

That said, Goff is playing the game like some of the old time greats. He can run just about any play. Make just about any throw.

He’s not a modern elusive QB, but he plays the game at a high level that doesn’t exist with too many QBs now that Brady and Manning have retired and Cousins is hurt.

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It doesn’t give reasons for Ford Field being ranked where it is.
79 Players responded to the question of worst stadium to play in.

Ford Field came in as 7th worst
MetLife 18.4%
Fedex 13.9%
Highlife 12…7%
Others 7.6%
Lambeau 7.6%
Soldier 7.6%
Ford 5.7%

Here is an interesting question and answer

Roger Goodell; Thumbs up Thumbs down

Up 58.6%
Middle 11.4%
Down 30%

I think there is a large gulf between the way NFL players view Goff and the way fantasy football players feel about Goff. Furthermore besides die-hard Lions fans that watch the games, most people only see highlights and Goff is not much of a human highlight machine.

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