Dan Campbell confident in rookie OL Tommy Kraemer, credits coach Hank Fraley

Jeff Risdon

Wed, November 24, 2021, 9:32 PM·2 min read

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Tommy Kraemer got extensive action for the Detroit Lions at right guard in the Week 11 loss to the Cleveland Browns. Now Kraemer, an undrafted rookie from Notre Dame, figures to play even more in the Week 12 matchup with the Chicago Bears.

Starting right guard Halapoulivaati Vaitai is still battling the concussion that knocked him out in Cleveland. The Lions signed Kraemer to the active roster on Tuesday from the team’s practice squad, and he could very well start on Thursday.

Detroit head coach Dan Campbell seems confident in Kraemer after reviewing how the rookie played in emergency duty in Cleveland.

“It was good to see. I thought he did some good things, went in there and didn’t bat an eye,” Campbell said Tuesday. “We liked what we saw. We like Kraemer. He’s kind of a tough, gritty guy and he’s smart. He’s growing, man. We’ve been giving him center reps in practice, so he’s been guard, center. He’s a good, quality dude. He comes to work, puts it in and you like him. He’s tough.”

Campbell gave credit to Lions OL coach Hank Fraley, who has managed a litany of injuries across the line and still managed to field an above-average unit all season.

“I think Hank (Fraley)’s got a lot to do with that. I think Hank is a hell of a coach. He’s done a really good job with them. He gets them prepared, ready to go.”

The head coach also noted that injured center Frank Ragnow remains a big presence in the locker room despite being on IR after toe surgery. Ragnow continues to attend meetings and help in any way he can.

Dan Campbell confident in rookie OL Tommy Kraemer, credits coach Hank Fraley (yahoo.com)

sucks to be stenberg


Kraemer had a few good blocks on inside runs… but struggled on a few plays that he had to move outside the tackles. Foot quickness was a concern with him coming out of school.

I mentioned in the gane thread what a nice job Fraley has done this year with all the injuries and shuffling he has had to do. Also, IMO Kraemer is the starter next year at RG

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What about the possibility of moving Ragnow to right guard to keep Evan Brown in the line up? That would keep our five best lineman on the field.

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What a total transformation from his time playing QB for the Vikings in the late 1970s/1980s.

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Either way, healthy competition at guard. Don’t count out one of these guys challenging JJ. With Nelson as a perfect capable back-up OT, if we stay injury-free, next year’s OL might be top 10.

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Right you’ve followed his outstanding career and you kniw what a mauler he is in run game,and his best traits is his pass blocking

Wait, what? Why?
I can’t see this at all.

Just watch some of his NFL HIGHLIGHTS clips and you’ll see.

You need to use him in Madden and it will become crystal clear, lol

legit. he got swole

What NFL highlight clip are you watching?
The kid that has 37 NFL snaps.

Yeah, I guess so. I don’t know what else these guys are going off from.

Your catching on.

That’s the big question when somebody says he’ll be starter for us next year. Where in the hell did he come up with that knowledge.?

No offense but it’s not really knowledge at this point, more like just some crazy unsubstantiated speculation.

That was my sarcasm, “just watch the tape” was exactly what you caught on to. There is no knowledge no tape, I didn’t mean to confuse you its just dry humor over your head I guess. I’ll remember that in future.

Which is the life blood of every NFL message board.

I liked it better without your explanation… :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face:

Got to dummy down sometimes