Dan Campbell: Jared Goff and D.J. Chark weren’t on the same page on Lions’ last play

After the game, Lions coach Dan Campbell said the play call was good but the execution was not.

“We liked the play call. It didn’t work out and we kicked the field goal,” Campbell said. “Chark, I’m not sure he ever really saw it until it was real late. I just don’t think he really saw it, so, obviously, yeah, they weren’t on the same page.”

If Goff had thrown a better ball, Chark could have caught it in stride and scored a touchdown

Sounds like more of a bad throw than a bad route.


Just to be clear, this part was written by the writer, Dan didn’t say it.

If Goff had thrown a better ball, Chark could have caught it in stride and scored a touchdown, which with the extra point would have given the Lions a 29-25 lead. Instead the Lions settled for a field goal and a 25-25 tie.

This is what I think. Chark never saw the ball. I don’t think Chark was reading the blitz, he was raising his hand to let Goff know he was open when the ball was over halfway to him, meaning that Goff read the blitz and knew he had to get rid of it quickly and Chark didn’t read the blitz and realize that Goff would have to throw it quickly. Chark looked back at Goff instead of looking up to locate the ball.
Goff says he wished he had thrown a better ball though but he didn’t say where exactly he wished he had thrown it, so I think it was just Goff falling on the sword for his receiver…but who knows.

You can see the ball above the H in YEAH in the first picture and Chark has his hand up and has no clue the ball is in the air.


I think your take is very likely the right one.

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There is zero chance Goff would throw a teammate under the bus, it’s not in his DNA


Obviously NOT related to Zach Wilson……



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Eh, it was a bad call.

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Here is the thing…how does a WR split wide “read the blitz”? His view of what the LBs etc look like they are gonna do is very limited from his angle…a severe angle from the side of the defense. He doesn’t have the look a QB has looking straight into the defense.

The WR reads the DBs…where the holes are in the zone and sits down in them…counting on the QB to see the same hole. A WR knows when he DOESN’T have a step on the defender and thus when to expect a back shoulder throw…and counts on the QB to see the same and deliver a BS throw

But it is asking a lot for a WR to read the LBs (Safeties) from his position/angle on the field pre-snap. He doesn’t have the TV view or the all 22 view or even the QBs view of the defense

I played WR. When split out and looking back inside all you can see is the side of some of the defenders on your side of the field . You can’t see what far side LB or Safety Up in the bix on the far side of the LOS looks like he is gonna do.

And yes…he didn’t see the ball until it was basically by him


Amon over the middle was money, you still had 2 time outs, I don’t get it.


I also wonder if Goff assumed that with limited time on the clock, Chark would break his route toward the sideline. Perhaps, Chark didn’t because he had beaten his man, was open, and hoping to score.

You know what’s kind of nice? Debating one play that could have allowed us to beat a super bowl contender. As opposed to debating why we lost by 17.

It’s not where I want to get, but it is progress!

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