Dan Campbell: Jared Goff is a better QB now than he was with the Rams -

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“Then why didn’t you keep him, Sean? That’s the obvious question. The truth is they became exasperated with Goff’s lack of development, believing he had taken the Rams as far as he could.”

The truth is Stafford was a more developed QB and while Goff MIGHT get there, Stafford WAS there and their window to the SB was right now. Goff had taken them as far as he could in that moment and the problem was that the QB whisperer didn’t know how to move him forward. We were lucky that he didn’t regress with the ■■■■■■■ bull shit team and play calling he was handed when he got here, plenty of players/QB’s would have in the scenario he was handed. Instead, we got a guy who proved his mental toughness not to fall apart and his willingness to buy in and be managed by this staff. McVay was responsible for the rise and fall of Goff, and we are the beneficiaries of that.

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see this is obviously a massive failure. All the old coaches have ‘their system’ and no matter what you inherit or who you draft they have to conform to that system. they get paid millions to do this and just look at the incredible success it has had.

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Our system is flexible + boy genius dialing up special plays for situation football.

We’ve built a culture of love. Love for the game. Love for each other. Love to work. And players that hold each other accountable.

Previously it’s been coaches doing this, much better synergy this way.

On top of that…you want a dominant OL, proven winner at QB playmakers at RB, super skill sets at WR. A TE room that can emphasize packages and strengths. A superior pass rush. Playmaking DBs and tough athletic versatile LBs

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sorry, I was being sarcastic. :slight_smile: we brought in some pretty good coaches that were obviously system peeps instead of adjusting to their players.

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We can agree that we all hope Hooker pans out and creates value. But I think the jury is way out there. This will be a red-shirt year for him as they concurrently try to remove the gimmicky college offense he was in and instill the current offense that we run. I think we will know in two to three years. I like his chances. We could do far worse if he elevates to long-term backup. Anything beyond is just a bonus.

I caught the sarcasm, just made me realize how good we have it now

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nobody bitches about how old Brady is, but Jared Goff ? it’s “he is this…he is that age”

I would have preferred to draft a younger backup QB. This coming draft is going to be deep in prospects. But I also like Hooker and not going to sweat a 3rd round pick

I do think it’s funny though some of the same folks who insisted the Lions have to draft a QB early because mid round QBs never pan out are all excited and confident about our 3rd round QB

Christen won’t like that!

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