Dan Campbell: Jared Goff is a better QB now than he was with the Rams -


This can’t be true, Sean McVay is the QB whisperer.


McVay is a control freak. Campbell/Johnson have given Goff a ton more freedom to grow as a player. That much was pretty obvious from the outside looking in and Campbell confirmed that.

When you put that much trust in the right kind of person, you can reap the rewards. Goff seems like he feels comfortable now. He knows these guys have the confidence in him to succeed and run this offense. For a guy like Goff, thats everything, IMO.


best coach in NFL helps all players improve…yes…even QBs.

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Campbell/Johnson >> McVay???

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It is also just a typical progression….
many QBs tend to play better with more experience.


campbell/ anyone >> McAnyone


Not doubting McVay’s skills as a coach/playcaller or the system he runs there. I just personally think he seems very conceited and wants things his way. For example, Johnson has mentioned how they took Goff’s input and incorporated it into the offense to build on his strengths and what he likes to do. McVay does not appear to be that type of coach at all.

I would 100% prefer the Campbell/Johnson combo, in large part because McVay seems like he can be a dick. McVay clearly has the results to show for it though.

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our coaches do that with all of our players. Play to thier strength & weaponize them

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ronald mcdonald no GIF by McDonald's CZ/SK
Ronald strongly disagrees.

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BigNatty“The Bald Emissary”


best coach in NFL helps all players improve

What about Fox? I mean, really…is there any room left for improvement?

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The issue is McVay is not a teacher. He is a planner/perfectionist. Stafford was great for him because he was a seasoned vet that understood all the concepts. Goff was basically was learning on the job coming from an air raid college offense. I don’t think he took more than a couple snaps under center in college. If you don’t understand the system, things aren’t going to work out great when there are problems with the plan.

Goff did more improvising in 2022 than I’ve ever seen him do in the NFL. That happens when you know where the pressure is coming from, you know where everyone should be on the field, and you know how the D is set up to stop you.


Florio will never admit his mistake.

“The prevailing thought…” :roll_eyes:

That’s Mikey saying, “See, everyone thought this, not just me! I’m still a credible analyst!”

Just own your mistake, lawyer boy.

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This is an amazing question. We truly have no frame of reference, because there has never been another like him. Can’t wait to find out.

Well Goff is 28/29 years old now he was 25/26 years old back then.

Let’s hope he developed sheesh


By the time Goff was Hooker’s age he had played four years of pro football. He was young when he came into the league and the first year he played for Jeff Fisher, so that was wasted time. When the Rams got rid of him he would have been as old as Hooker will be after this season. I’m not trying to throw any shade at Hooker but the two of them are a good representation of the age span that players enter the NFL.


Which leads me to believe they are interested in developing Hooker to be the backup QB

Not long term future franchise guy to replace Goff.

Which in this case, his age is a positive for that role

I think both Hooker AND Goff are going to play better than most of you guys expect.
I am not at all convinced that Hook was brought in purely as backup.
Everyone will be elated if he surpasses a floor of backup, which I think is highly likely.

Trade bait, my brothers. Possible long term backup…but I’m guessing not.

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Let’s not quantify it at two. You do have the fact that he is entering prime QB years and also I don’t think you can discount Brunell.

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