Dan Campbell makes it clear: ‘Goff’s our guy, man’


He is bluffing with the hopes we can get Jackson cheaper

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I’ve never doubted it. Now if the national media would get it that would really be something.


What is he supposed to say?

“Yes we’re actively looking for Goffs replacement”?

Lions will draft a QB in this draft going off Holmes comment of upgrading QB room. So QB at 6 is still in play


Thats what Snead and McVay said! Haha

Seriously, they probably do draft a QB early. First 3 rounds for certain. I don’t know about 6 when the team could use a impact right away player while being on the cusp of contending. But crazier things have happened.

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Yeah from my perspective there’s next to zero chance they trade for LJ or select one before day 3

Let’s see how it plays out


They got a solid roster so using a pick on a QB with 18 or 2nd round wouldn’t shock me. But wasting a chance on a really good prospect at 6 isn’t worth it if you truly feel Goff is the guy.


I feel like the only time that drafting a QB in rounds 2 or 3 seems to work is if it’s a QB that was supposed to be a 1st rounder but that falls due to trouble like Dak or is considered a runner that isn’t a good enough passer like Hurts was considered.


True, I guess I just don’t see it happening considering how BH has a phenomenal day two Draft background, you get 3 day two picks, hell ive been wrong before, just calling it as I see it


Yeah I mean you get guys like Carr, Cousins, Jimmy G, Hurts, ect. So it can be worth it for a QB needy team. With the Lions needing a back up. It won’t shock me.


For me, 6 and 18 need to be out. This team has a legit chance of competing for the NFC - you have to come out of the first round with two Day 1 starters and or contributors.

After that, I don’t care when or even if they take a QB.


Obviously Dan is wrong about what Dan is thinking. Dan doesn’t like Goff and wants a running QB. If Dan had any real inside knowledge of what Dan truly thinks, Dan would never make such a statement


This is just my opinion, but there are less than 10 people alive that are better suited to quarterback “this team” over the next 3-4 years….

I said ten to appease the bay sayers, but I really think it’s closer to 5 at the max…

This isn’t fantasy land…. Each QB comes with a trade cost, contract cost, and risks regarding culture fit and simply busting….

Bryce could easily be Tua……

Levis could easily be Darnold or Wentz

AR15 could easily be?

Stroud could easily be Goff, but he could also be Haskins….

  • each of these guys has a major historical stigma to overcome…

Mahomes, Hurts, Allen, Burrow, Lawrence, Herbert, and Hurts…. That is the entire list of NFL QBs that I think would be as good or better here the next 3 years….

  • I’m more interested in supplementing him than replacing him…

Give me a guy like Jaren Hall, Tune or DTR late


If we had a better QB this offense coild easily be top five and maybe the defense could stop carrying this team


Goff has to go. He is holding this team back. Just release him already, maybe somebody will pick him up on the waiver and put him on their practice squad. We need Lamar Jackson or AR15 to make any progress. It was stupid of us not to take Malik Willis last year. Justin Fields would have taken us to the SB.
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One QB that doesn’t seem to get a lot of chatter here is Tanner McKee.

6’6". Some sites have him as late 1st and some not until 3rd or 4th round.

A lot of people here are enamored with the running QB’s but if you wanted a back up to groom to run our system as it exists today, McKee could be our guy if he falls to the 2nd round. He went to Stanford so I’ll assume he isn’t dumb. He completed 62% of his passes this year and 65% last year, despite not really having a great team around him.


He is 6’6" and 231lbs. Prototypical QB. Going to be a mutli-pro bowler.

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I know it was just the combine but I was actually really excited to see him and I thought he looked terrible throws were all over the place.

Yeah but he is 6’6" and 231 lbs.

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Bravo sir!

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