Dan Campbell open to the idea of holding a training camp session in West


No offense to the west, but why?

Steal the fans back that claim Indy & Chicago

Also the west side of the state is absolutely gorgoeus


Guess I could see them having OTA’s over there.


That would be fun for us who can’t get to Detroit to attend usually.


Fresh energy" is what Dan said.
-They are away from home and building relationships…in an environment where they are purely existing for football…Exposed to new conditions and operating outside of the extreme comfort zone of the stuff they see every day (including their own bed)… Lions used to do this at SVSU, back in the day.


Have another in the UP to get those Packer Fans.


I mean if NFL are playing games in Germany we should play a game in the UP


… in December.

Go West young man!

do it jewish GIF

Totally different.

One of those places is a foreign country filled with weirdos who don’t speak English. The other is all the way over in Europe.

Likely to help sell tickets.The team should be named the Michigan Lions like the Minnesota Vikings name.

If I was drinking beer right now, I’d have spit it out. Post of the week.

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The underlying joke is old enough to collect Social Security, but the application wasn’t bad.

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chicago fire GIF by NBC


Why don’t they live stream these open training camp practices!? Seems like they could get a ton of viewers, Lions fans all over the world really.

Sure you don’t wanna give any strategy away, but lots of fans are already recording the open practices and putting it online. Save the real important strategy days for non live streamed practices. Winning doesn’t even really matter in preseason either. Seems like a missed opportunity.

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